Work from home transcriptionist jobs are  highly sought after within the work at home community.

These non-phone positions are often flexible, and can make good money if you are a fast typist.

Transcription is a general term used to describe taking audio files of some sort and turning them into a typed out version of the file.

What is Transcription?

3Play Media was founded in 2007 by four MIT graduate students researching affordable ways to make video accessible through innovative technology.

Who is 3 Play Media?

The transcription jobs are contract work meaning you would be working as a freelancer.

Work From Home Transcriptionist Jobs With 3PlayMedia

Freelancers are paid weekly and you have the flexibility to set your own availability on what days and hours you are available.

– Excellent written communication  – Excellent command of English grammar and punctuation – Proficiency with internet  – Ability to manage projects and work independently

Required Qualifications

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