Virtual call center companies offer a great opportunity for those looking for a work from home job.

Virtual call centers are call centers where the agents taking the calls do not work in an office together but instead all work remotely from home. Some well-known companies such as 1800Flowers, Uhaul, Nordstrom, and Disney offer virtual call center jobs from home but still obviously have office where they house other employees.

What is a virtual call center?

Virtual call center companies are beneficial to both employers and employees. It allows the company to save money in several different ways and allows those looking for a remote job to work for a well established company.

If you begin your work from home job search without much experience then finding a position at a virtual call center company is a great option. Most only require a high school degree and some kind of customer service experience.

Would a virtual call center job be a good fit for me?

The answer to this question varies by company. Most of these companies hire agents that take incoming customer service type calls helping customers place or check on their orders. Some of these companies are outgoing calls only and some do both.

What do I do as a virtual call center agent?

This also varies greatly from company to company. I would say most virtual call center jobs pay between $10-$12 an hour. Many of these companies bring agents on as independent contractors while others hire you as an employee.

How much do I get paid and what are my benefits?

-  Alorica - 1800flowers - Virtual Call Center Jobs With ACD Direct - Accolade Support - Advanis - Make Money From Home with Amazon - American Airlines

Virtual Call Center Companies

- American Express - American Support - Apple - Accolade Support - Advanis - Arise - Aspect - Aspire - Asurion

Virtual Call Center Companies

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