Many people looking for a way to make money from home do not actually want a part-time or full time work from home job. Instead they want a way to know how to make a  extra cash from home.

Website testing is a great side hustle to do from home. Work from home website testers can make money by evaluating and providing feedback for businesses. One of the companies that does this is Userlytics.

Userlytics has been around since 2009 helping people and businesses improve the user experience for their website. Their platform allows companies to see the user who is providing feedback and define what type of targeted user they would like to perform the testing, They offer user testing for websites, prototypes, and mobile apps.

Who is Userlytics?

You’ll be user testing websites, prototypes, advertisements, videos and other types of material from small start-up companies to those of large well-known corporations. As a tester, you will be asked to work through the Userlytics application, which incorporates facial recording, screen recording, click tracking, and both verbal and written commentary.

What Do Work From Home Website Testers Do?

You will also be asked to complete a series of survey and rating questions. Testers need to follow the usability test instructions as provided by the client. It is very important that you speak your thoughts out loud as you follow the instructions. Try speaking and sharing your thoughts aloud during the entire user experience test. Some user tests require a webcam view, some do not.

What Do Work From Home Website Testers Do?

The point is that you are saying your thought out loud that you might be thinking as you were using a new website. Things that you find annoying about the website, things that are easy to find, thoughts on the appearance of the website, etc.

What Do Work From Home Website Testers Do?

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