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Work at Home Job: Community Coordinator

The Open Knowledge Foundation is a non profit organization currently looking to hire a work from home community coordinator. This is a full time position that will include some travel. Familiarity with email, blogs and Twitter is desirable. Duties will include:

  • Representing the Open Knowledge Foundation and its various projects and activities at events around the world
  • Expanding and strengthening the open knowledge community around the world – including public officials, civic society organisations, developers, data journalists and others
  • Organising and facilitating events, workshops and meetings about open knowledge – bringing together key stakeholders from different areas
  • Following key developments on mailing lists, blogs and Twitter – and inviting people and organisations to participate in relevant projects, activities and events
  • Blogging about open knowledge around the world – and soliciting for guest blog posts from key stakeholders
  • Connecting people, groups and projects with common interests – and encouraging them to collaborate
  • Promoting key principles and values in the open knowledge community. Such as legal/technical standards for open data (e.g., and the importance of open source tools and infrastructure.
  • Building the OKF around the world – including helping to set up and encourage others to set up local groups and chapters as well as media relations.
  • Doing unexpected stuff spontaneously – like helping to organise something you’ve never done before, to connect people that you’ve never met before, or to pitch something you’ve never thought of before

To apply, visit the job posting.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.