Work at Home Online Chat Agent Jobs

Work at Home Online Chat Agent Jobs

Are you looking for a work at home job but need a non-phone position? Text chat operator jobs from home are a great option.  There are many companies that hire for these positions but one of the most fun jobs as a work at home online chat agent is with Needle.

work at home online chat agent

Who is Needle?

Needle was started with the idea of offering the same kind of expert advice you can get when you walk into a store and ask for help except having access to that kind of advice while shopping online. The goal was to develop an innovative, live chat solution for ecommerce stores and online sales. This is where the work at home online chat agent jobs come in.

Many websites were already using live chat but founder Morgan Lynch did not just want customer service reps who were rarely more acquainted with the product line than shoppers. Many websites also use chatbots to answer customer questions and Needle is meant to a much more personalized experience.

Needle started the idea of chat with Advocates – brand ambassadors who live and breathe the product line. The live chat customer experience with Needle should be like shopping with an expert. The goal is to make potential shoppers so confident in the purchase that they don’t hesitate to purchase.

In a nutshell, Needle is an online live chat sales platform. Third party companies contract with Needle to offer live chat assistance to customers shopping on the brand’s website.

They hire online chat agents who have the knowledge to match their brands. If you are a big fan of a certain brand or have a lot of knowledge in a certain subject, you might be able to become a brand advocate. The company has been around since 2009 so no worries about it not being legitimate or that it is not well established.

How Do I Get Started as a Work at Home Online Chat Agent With Needle?

 Advocates offer live chat sales assistance and usually make between $10-$12 an hour. Update as of 2019- however, some of their positions do not pay per hour. Some positions pay with points. The points can be exchanged for products such as an electronics, clothing and other items from their clients, although there is no concrete information to access anywhere.

Only Advocates who’ve been accepted have access to the redemption catalog. Getting points could be fun but most people in search of a work at home job need to actually be making money. If you decide to apply for this position then make sure you understand how you will be compensated before accepting a position.

Because Needle works with a wide variety of brands the pay and job description varies a lot based on the current positions they are hiring for. To get started you can register on the Needle Advocate Registration Page.

The form is mostly basic information followed by some follow up questions to find out more about you, your personal interests, and your personality. Needle really tries to match up advocates with brands that are a match for their expertise and passions so that you would be a good fit for offering advice to potential customers.

If you decide to apply for this work at home online chat agent position don’t worry if you don’t hear back right away. It may just be that they are waiting to match you with the right brand for you. If they do have a match for you then you will be contacted for an interview.

The company pays every week through Paypal. Advocates are hired as independent contractors and are basically self-employed. Be sure to read up on the tax implications of working from home as an independent contractor so you know what to expect.



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