This is a new company I ran across Today. The pay is $9 per hour. It is handling incoming sales calls for

Work From Home | US – Multiple, United States provides Instant Technology Relief® to consumers and small businesses directly via our portal and channel partners, which include retailers and anti-virus companies. These partners offer branded services as part of their own integrated consumer programs. We also educate and train consumers to take full advantage of their technology investment.


* Receives and handles Inbound Sales Calls
* Makes every attempt, using the prescribed sales techniques and call flow to close every sale
* Updates Customer Record Management database
* Responds to customer inquiries that go beyond typical scripted responses
* Handles inquiries with complete knowledge of product/service or appropriately researches information and/or makes proper referrals
* Provides immediate feedback to customers problems/concerns using proper telephone etiquette
* Attends scheduled meetings as required by the Sales Team Supervisor
* Assists supervisor with coaching and development for new sales consultants or low performers to increase productivity and performance
* Participates in team briefings
* Makes attempts to resolve issues and deescalate issues from irate or dissatisfied customers
* Assumes responsibility for producing desired performance results
* Supports Sales Team Supervisor with reporting requirements

Check their website for more details.

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