Work From Home Transcriptionist Jobs

Work From Home Transcriptionist Jobs

Work from home transcriptionist jobs are  highly sought after within the work at home community. These non-phone positions are often flexible, and can make good money if you are a fast typist.  Many transcription companies specialize in legal or medical transcription and these jobs require a little more experience usually. If you are just starting out you will want to be on the lookout for general transcription jobs. These companies are usually more open to hiring those without experience. For more information be sure to check out our post on 50+ General Transcription Companies.

work from home transcriptionist jobs

What is Transcription?

Transcription is a general term used to describe taking audio files of some sort and turning them into a typed out version of the file. Doctors and courts use transcription to turn doctor’s surgical notes or court room hearing notes into types up files. This is probably the most common references you hear of transcription but there are many other uses as well. Some of them are as simple as transcribing voicemail calls or business meeting notes but it can also be used for closed captioning for television shows and many other cases.

Who is 3 Play Media?

3Play Media was founded in 2007 by four MIT graduate students researching affordable ways to make video accessible through innovative technology. The company focuses on closed captioning, live auto-captioning, audio description, transcription, and subtitling solutions and partners with over 5000 companies. 3 Play Media is based out of Boston but hires remotely for its work from home transcriptionist jobs. They are usually hiring for both English and Spanish transcriptionists. 

Work From Home Transcriptionist Jobs With 3PlayMedia

The transcription jobs are contract work meaning you would be working as a freelancer. Freelancers are paid weekly and you have the flexibility to set your own availability on what days and hours you are available.  Transcribers also get to pick which types of files you would like to work on. This is great flexibility for freelancers to have because it means you can sign up and work for multiple transcription companies and then accept which assignments you want to work on and when. By signing up with multiple companies you can ensure you always have plenty of work to choose from and can work when you want as long as your files are done by your deadlines.

For the English transcription jobs the following qualifications are required:

Required Qualifications

  • Excellent written communication skills
  • Excellent command of English grammar and punctuation
  • Proficiency with internet research and reference resources
  • Ability to manage projects and work independently

To apply, visit the application page.

Getting a Transcription Job With No Experience

While many of the companies on our 50 General Transcription Companies list say they hire without experience, it is much easier to get started in the field of transctiption if you do have previous experience or training. There are a lot of courses and programs out there to teach you transcription if you have no experience but many of these are scams or just don’t have very good reviews from previous customers. The only one I usually recommend for those looking to start a transcription career is Transcribe Anywhere. They offer a free mini-course for those interested. They also have a legal transcription free mini-course for those interested in specializing in that, it is even higher in demand.



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