Writer/Expert for Expert123.com

Writer/Expert for Expert123.com

The Experts123 Contributor Program is a unique way to earn income on a flexible schedule.
Who are Paid Contributors?
Contributors are knowledgeable amateurs or skilled authorities who are passionate about spreading knowledge in their fields. Their credibility is based on education, practical experience or research.

Why Join the Experts123 Contributor Program?
• Get paid for publishing your original content
• Publish around your schedule
• Get noticed and promote your product, service or website
• Publish content on numerous topics
• We offer flat fee assignments

How does the Program work?

• Applicants for the program must create a username, password and fill out an online profile describing your background and areas of expertise. You will be asked to submit at least one writing sample.
• Your application will be reviewed, and you will receive an email notifying if you have been accepted to the program.
• If you are accepted into the program, when you log into Experts123.com you will see a list of available assignments, the flat fee paid for the assignment (fees vary by assignment), and their respective due dates.
• Assignments are short articles (250-600 words in length) that are due typically within 5-10 days of the assignment publishing dates.
• Contributors may select any number of assignments to work on that they feel fits their expertise
• Completed assignments are reviewed and may be approved or subject to change requests
o Assignments that are approved are paid via Paypal upon approval
o If the assignment has change requests, you can choose to resubmit the article for a second and final chance at approval.
o Assignments that have not received approval by their second review are returned to the list of available assignments for other Contributors to work on.
• Assignments currently pay based on a flat fee but eventually will be offered under a revenue sharing arrangement.
What do we expect from you?
• Articles are well written, on topic, informative, and follow the provided style guide / assignment criteria.
• On average, an active Contributor spends 3-5 hours per week writing and publishing, but you can work more or less.
• There are no contracts; you’re only a Contributor as long as you want to be.
How should you get started in the application process?
• Click on the link below and create a username


• On the My Profile > Promote Yourself page, click the “Apply to be a Paid Contributor”

• Fill out the form and submit your application.
• You will be notified via email if you are accepted into the program.

Alaina Forbes

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