Blog Content and Images-The King and Queen of Blogging Success

blog content and images

Blog Content and Images-The King and Queen of Blogging Success

In our Blogging 101 series we have pretty much covered the basics of getting a blog up and running, or in my case getting moved over to WordPress, redesigned, and error free, ha ha. If you need to catch up you can view the other posts in the blogging series here. Blog content and images  are really the next big focus. Now that you have a pretty looking blog that functions well you need to realize that alone will not keep people coming back to read. Your blog content and images are the two most important things on your blog.People often say that “content is king” meaning that it is the MOST important thing. If you do not have good content you need to figure out how to change that or you may as well walk away from your blog now. Content is so dependent upon what your blog is about but keep a very close eye on your analytics and Facebook insights page to see what your readers like and what they don’t like. By the way if you have not added Google Analytics to your page yet, make sure you do that right away.

Blog Content & Images: King and Queen of Blogging Success

So if content is king then I am going to say that images are the queen. They might even be co-rulers. The internet is so image based nowadays that even if you have great content it is not going to catch people’s eye on Facebook or Pinterest to make them want to go read that great content. It took me a long time to learn this the hard way. Basically, I was lazy about it. When I did add an image, it would be something quick and easy just for the sake of having one. Nope, that is not going to work if you want to be a successful blogger. Creating images seemed scary to me. After all, I am not a graphic designer. But what I didn’t realize was how easy it is now to make really nice looking images to use in blog posts. Get really familiar with tools like Canva and PicMonkey. Canva has a great tutorial to show you around. With tools like this you can use your own photos, stock photos you upload, or images they have available and then add text, graphics, etc. Problogger has a great resource for places to find free images online.  I also like for when I can’t find what I want for free. Also, remember that you may need to make multiple images or make the same image in different sizes to be shared across different social media outlets. For example the best image size for a Facebook link is  484 X 252 px, Twitter preview image is 440 x 220 px, and Pinterest likes vertical images.

These are all things I am still learning about and I do not claim to be a pro at them by any means. I am working on improving my blog content and images every month. What tools and tricks have you learned to provide better content and images for your readers?


Alaina Forbes

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