Work at Home Scams

Working from home is a wonderful option for many people but unfortunately work at home scams are very common and target people that are hoping to make money from home causing them to often lose money instead. Find out how to avoid wasting money on work at home scams.

avoid work at home scams

Starting your search for a work from home job can be a little intimidating. Craigslist alone has so many telecommuting jobs listed it is hard to sort through what is real and what is a scam. Here are some things to watch for when searching for a legitimate work from home job.

Does the work at home job ask for your resume or application?

If the company seems very uninterested in your background or experience chances are it is a scam.

Do they give a detailed description of what the job is and what you would be doing?

If the job description is non-existent or very, very vague then chances are there is no real job.

Does the work at home ad sound more as if it is trying to sell YOU on the job instead of selling the job on you?

If the ad sounds as if it is trying to sell you it’s probably a scam. Any real job is going to want you to sell yourself to them with your resume and experience not the other way around.

Does the work at home ad say something like “MAKE $2000 a week working part time!!!”?

Once again, if it sounds too good to be true then it usually is.

Do they ask for money?

This is a bad sign and if they start asking for money before they have even interviewed you then it is even worse. There are some legitimate work at home companies that will require you to pay for your own background test but it is very minimal. I have worked for two of them so I know they are legit but before you hand out money for ANY reason make sure you do your research.

How do I research a work at home company to see if they are legitimate?

If the ad lists the name of the company or the website then do your research. There are lots of websites you can check to see if the company has complaints against them. and are just a couple. Also check a few work at home forums and do a search by the company name. You may find postings by people who work for the company and can back up that they are legit or you may find postings by people who were attempted to be scammed. Also, another great way to check out a website is to do a search for the domain. You can find out how long that domain has been registered and to who. If it is a brand new domain then be careful. There are several places you can do this at but here is one. Just type in the domain name and it will tell you when it was registered

Resources for checking work from home scams:
Also remember, a work from home business is different than a work from home job. Work from home jobs pay per hour or per assignment, etc. You agree to a compensation as with any job. There is no investment. Many people ask me about direct sales companies. These are work from home businesses and, as with any business, require start up costs to get started. There is no guaranteed income. There are pros and cons to both but this is why paying fees for a work from home business is not considered a scam. There are plenty of direct sales companies out there that are legitimate and some people are very successful working with them while others don’t end up making any profit at all. If you decide to go in that direction, research the companies to find the best fit for you and understand what is involved before investing any money.