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Debating Working From Home? 5 Reasons You Should & 5 ReasonsTo Reconsider

Debating Working from Home? 5 Reasons You Should and 5 Reasons To Reconsider
Taking that last step to quit your job and begin working from home can be very scary. As with any unknown territory in life, you probably have many questions about whether working from home will be right for you. Talking to others can help but each person's personality reacts differently to working from home, making it an excellent choice for some and maybe not such a good choice for others. Check out these five reasons you should consider making that final step to working from home and five reasons you should maybe reconsider that decision.

Reasons you SHOULD-
  • You have children that are school age and will have free time to yourself to work during the day without interruption but will also have a flexible schedule to be available to them when they are home as well as for school activities when needed.
  •  You have younger children that you want to stay home with but plan on working only during naps and after bedtime and have a work from home job lined up that will allow this flexibility.
  • Your personality can survive without the adult interaction gained from working an office all day, in fact you think you will thrive working on your own.
  • You are a disciplined hard worker that does not need constant supervision and works well independently.
  • Your husband, kids, friends, and support network are on board with you working from home and understand the boundaries that need to be in place to make it successful.
Reasons you should NOT
  • You should NOT work from home if you think that your kids are at an age where they will need you constantly, do not nap much, and you have no free help during the day in order to get work done. Taking on a work from home job, especially one that requires phone work with a quiet background, is a mistake if your kids are at an age where this is just not feasible.
  • You should NOT work from home if you have no self discipline. There are a lot of distractions around the house including television, household chores, and talking on the phone that can take over your time if you are not careful.
  • You should NOT work from home if you crave the social interaction of the daily office. You will find yourself seeking it other ways whether on the phone with friends or chatting online or you will just be miserable being on your own at home.
  • You should NOT work from home if you have trouble managing your time or separating work from home. Achieving a well-balanced work/home life is vital to being successful.
  • You should NOT work from home if you think your children and spouse will not understand the boundaries needed or respect them enough to accomplish your goals.

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Weekly Customer Service Work at Home Job Leads

Here is this week's best work-at-home customer service and virtual call center job leads.

AFNI customer care representatives
Hilton Customer Care Coordinators
Seasonal 1800Flowers agents
Apple At-Home Advisors
Stericycle Customer care representatives
VIP Desk Brand Ambassadors
CloudSource Virtual Call Center Agents
Uhaul E-customer service agents
Uhaul E-roadside assistance agents

Direct Interactions Call Center Representatives
H2Insight Customer Service Agents
Working Solutions Customer Service Agents

Uber Community Support Representatives
West at Home customer service agents
ADP community administrator
Capital One full-time customer service agents
Henry Schein customer service agents
Search Indeed virtual customer service agent jobs customer service
Manpower Help Desk Support
Customer Service Representative at Intuitive Solutions
Xerox Work from Home Call Center Director
American Express Corporate Travel Counselor
American Express Customer Care Professionals
Sykes Work at Home Customer Service Representatives
Asurion Customer Care Associates
Asurion Bilingual Customer Care Representatives
Teleflora Seasonal Customer Service Representatives
Retail Data-Data Collectors
Bilingual Part-Time Work at Home Sales Representatives with HSN
Sitel Customer Service Reps
Aspire Home Based Concierge
Convergys Work at Home Agents
LiveOps Virtual Call Center Agents

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Extra Cash for the Holidays Part 3: Odesk

This holiday season many of you may be looking to make a little extra cash from home. So far in our series we have discussed money making apps and seasonal jobs as options to earn some money for the holidays.  One other way you can make some extra money from home without the commitment of a work-at-home job is by using Odesk. For those not familiar with Odesk, it is a website where people can hire freelancers by posting jobs that they need completed. It is easy to get started making money from Odesk and they offer a wide variety of jobs for every kind of expertise. App developers, writers, virtual assistants, customer service, sales, and administrative support are just some of the 100,000+ jobs you can find. The freedom of freelancing means that you get to choose which jobs you take, who you work with, and when you work. The jobs available on Odesk can be temporary, short-term or long-term. This means that if you only want to be available for the next month or so than you can accept assignments that meet those parameters. Follow the steps below to get some freelance assignments and earn some cash in time for the holidays.
  1. Sign up for an account and create a profile. This is like your resume on Odesk so be specific about your experience and expertise.
  2. Pick a title for yourself. Consider what type of position you will be trying to get and title yourself accordingly. This should be two to three words that point out your strengths.
  3. Choose skill tags based on your experience. This is important because employers looking to hire will search using these tags to find those with the expertise they need.
  4. Describe yourself highlighting your talents and strengths
  5. Take a look at the tests available and choose some to take based on what types of jobs you will be applying for. This is a way to demonstrate you really are knowledgeable in these specific fields. Once you take a test you can display your test score on your profile.
  6. Select a category of freelance jobs and begin your job search. Pay attention to the fact that some jobs are paid hourly and some are a fixed rate. 
  7. Apply for as many jobs as the site will allow by clicking on "Apply to this job". Especially if you are looking to get hired and earn money within a certain period of time. You will be asked to interview later and can accept which jobs you are interested in at that point.
  8. Complete your assignment in the time given with high quality work. Once you receive some positive feedback on your profile others will be more likely to hire you and it will be easier to get higher paying assignments.


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Weekly Work-At-Home Writing/Blogging Jobs

Here are the writing and blogging work from home jobs for the week of 12/1

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Extra Cash for the Holidays Part 2: Seasonal Work From Home Jobs

Last week we started our "Extra Cash for the Holidays" series talking about money making apps that can help you earn some extra spending money for the holidays. For those of you who may need more than what those could possibly earn you in the next month or so, another possibility is taking on a seasonal work from home job. The companies below normally hire every holiday season for seasonal work-at-home positions. There is no guarantee that they are currently hiring however. All of these positions require you to already have high-speed interent.
  • 1800Flowers- This flower and gift delivery company hires seasonally for customer service agents to take incoming phone calls from customers calling to place orders or check on an order. Pay is usually around $9 an hour.
  • Teleflora- Another flower and gift service, this company also hires for virtual agents to help them get through the busy season. Pay is between $8 and $10 an hour plus possible commission.
  • Amazon- This popular holiday shopping website hires seasonally for customer service agents within certain states. Customer service agents assist customers with any issues regarding order placement via phone, email, or chat. 
  • Alpine Access- This virtual call center company contracts with a wide variety of companies that may need your help this holiday season. Pay varies based on which client you are assigned to but if you enjoy the work, this company sometimes brings on seasonal help more permanently after the holidays or may keep in touch with you for other season opportunities.
  • Groupon- Part-time seasonal work from home positions with Groupon require agents to handle customer questions via phone or email. The positions range from 30 to 40 hours a week and usually run through January.
  • VIPDesk-This virtual call center company hires home based brand ambassadors with one of their top clients being Eddie Bauer. The hourly rate starts at $9 an hour with some programs offer commission.
  • Apple- Apple hires At-Home Advisors to handle customer troubleshooting and technical support via phone, email or chat. Some years they hire seasonally for these positions to assist during the busy holiday season. Agents must have previous technical support experience. 
  • Convergys- Another virtual call center that offers occasional seasonal opportunities based on their client needs. 
  • Teletech- This company usually offers seasonal customer service positions as well as team lead and supervisor quality assurance positions for this with past experience.
  • Sutherland- This company is now in charge of handling the seasonal handling for 1800Flowers but they also handle hiring seasonally for other companies as well so check their website for other positions.
  • Williams Sonoma- This popular holiday shopping destination hires seasonal customer service representatives if you can attend on-site training in their Oklahoma location. 


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Extra Cash for the Holidays: Money Making Apps

With the holidays quickly approaching I thought a series of blog posts on how to make a little extra cash for holiday spending would be good. Many people don't have the time for a part-time work from home job but do find the need for some extra income from time to time. This series will cover those types of seasonal jobs, temporary gigs, and extra little things you can do to earn cash when you need it most.
For the first blog post we will focus on money making apps. I know many of you are aware of many of the apps that can be used to save you money when shopping for the holidays or anytime of the year. For those of you who like to shop from the comfort of your own home, I don't think you can beat earning cash back with Ebates.
Some of you may not be aware that there are also apps that can earn cash. These do not require any commitment to a certain number of hours a week like most work from home jobs but instead offer a way to earn money while you are out doing the things you already do.
  • Field Agent- This app uses agents to complete simple tasks while on the go. Agents find tasks based on their location, complete them, and get paid. Tasks may include taking photos of in-store products, scanning barcodes of items, gathering in-store video, verifying prices of a product, or completing field surveys. Tasks must usually be completed within two hours of accepting so check for tasks when heading out to run errands.
  • Easy Shift- This app is similar to Field Agent and pays agents for completing tasks such as taking photos or recording the price of a product. Complete  few of the lower paying tasks to be promoted and have access to higher paying assignments.
  • ScreenPay pays smartphone users for using their phone. Your smartphone lock screen receives ads and offers based on topics you choose of interest.  You can choose to ignore the ads or unlock your screen and view the promotion. Get paid $3 a month through Paypal.
  • Gigwalk connects users with businesses willing to pay for completed gigs. Some need to be completed while out at different locations while others like testing apps can be done from home. 
  • Shopkick earns shoppers cash by offering kickbucks when consumers enter certain stores. More kickbucks can be earned for buying certain items or scanning barcodes while in the store. This app pays in points redeemable for a wide variety of gift cards that you can use for holiday shopping.
  • Ibotta works similar to an electronic version of rebates. Take pictures of your receipts showing purchases of qualified items. Find items through the app that are offering rebates, purchase the items, scan the barcode, and take a picture of the receipt.

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Weekly Work at Home Coding & Transcription Jobs


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Weekly Work at Home Writing/Blogging Jobs

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Weekly Work at Home Job Leads


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Administrative Work From Home Jobs

administrative work at home jobs
Administrative and clerical positions are highly sought after telecommuting jobs. Many people have a work background that may include something that would be considered experience in the field of administrative or clerical work. This could include data entry, receptionist, or administrative work. Evaluate your skills and if this sounds like the type of work from home position that would be suited for you and your work background then try applying with some of the companies below.
Virtual Assistant Companies
Data Entry/Transcription
Court Reporting

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Direct Sales Company Review: Scentsy

Guest post by Ronda Markwith  

My Story
So let me start off by saying, I’m kind of a social bee. Before getting married, I worked in retail and I, for the most part enjoyed it. I love working in an environment where I can meet other people, chat, give a smile, and just overall have the opportunity to brighten someone’s day. However, we had our first child within 10 months of being married, and we had already decided that when that day came I would become a stay-at-home mom. I knew it would be a big change, but didn’t realize just HOW 
BIG. It is hard to carry on a conversation with a 3-month-old, so I found the change a little overwhelming. By the time my second child came around, that social part of me was ready to break free and go back to work. However, I didn’t want to leave my kids.  Plus, childcare costs, well you’ve calculated them I’m sure. I had considered signing up with other reputable companies, but I knew that, even though I enjoyed the products, I wasn’t truly THAT passionate about them. Then one day I heard about a friend on Facebook who was having a Scentsy party. “Scentsy, that sounds like a fun name, and I love things that are scented. Let me google that… “scented fragrance wax for electric wickless candles” and they use a low-watt light bulb in place of a hazardous flame. I LOVE this concept! And the warmers are beautiful! But, I have no idea where to get this stuff, and I feel awkward asking my friend on Facebook, because we are not that close.” So into the back of my mind it went, until another friend who lives locally invited me to her party about a year later. It was at this party that I fell in love at first smell. My senses were enlivened and my entrepreneurial soul was inspired. While I am sitting there, sniffing all 80 something testers, I’m thinking to myself how this is something that I MUST tell everyone about. Host a party, sure! Wait, did I just say that? Yes, yes I did, because she said I could get this stuff for FREE if I do! Join the company for $99...whoa, could I do that? should I do that? I’m not sure...I’ll have to think about that one a little more. And then all the way home from the party I kept telling myself, “it’s crazy that you are having a party for someone else that will get paid for it. If you are going to tell everyone about this quality product, why not get paid for it along WITH the FREE stuff?” And that is the story I told my husband. “Honey, we buy a lot of candles, and it is actually cheaper to buy Scentsy. And if I’m buying the products then why not buy them from myself and get a deeper discount. Plus, I really want to meet new people, and what a great way this would be!” That’s how the sweet talking started and, well, you see where I am now. (For more about Scentsy products...please visit:

What I Do

 Scentsy for me started out as merely a hobby, a way to meet new people, and a way to support my addiction of candles, but has recently turned into so much more. There are SO many ways to share this product and get it into the hands of consumers, that I feel it is probably one of the easiest products to promote. Notice how I said “share” instead of “sell”, that is because sharing is really all you have to do with Scentsy products as they pretty much sell themselves. With Scentsy, there are several different options available to the consultant and their hostess when it comes to partying. We have traditional home parties, catalog parties, online parties, including the newest phase to my business, Facebook parties. I love the versatility here, because you can really work this business from wherever is the most convenient for you. I like to drop off catalogs and testers at local businesses and then 3-4 days later pick them up with decent size orders to be put in at home. I do the traditional home party when it fits into my family’s schedule, and if I can’t do a home party, I try to turn it into a catalog or Facebook party. I have even sent off catalogs and testers to family/friends in other states so they could host a party and receive rewards. This business is very versatile and adaptable. It is a business that can be whatever you need it to be. If you need just a couple hundred dollars a month to pay down debt, it can do that. If you want it to make your car payment, send you and your family on a vacation, or replace a current job and make it your new primary source of income, it can do that too! For me it has served different purposes at different moments of life. It has helped pay down credit card debts, pay for Holidays/Birthdays, buy groceries and other needs when things were tight, and now helps to pay a car payment and send a kid to taekwondo. It fits where you need it most and I love that!

Start Up Costs
Small business owners use an average of $10,000 to start their own business, but with Scentsy the start up fee is only $99 (plus tax and shipping) and comes to you within just a few days. It includes everything you need to get your new business off to a great start! Here’s an example of what comes in the kit: You will receive everything shown in the picture to the right, as well as:
  • Discover Scentsy Family 
  • DVD Category Cards 
  • Order Forms 
  • DSA Code of Ethics 
  • New Consultant Guide 
  • Host Envelopes 
  • Host/Join Brochures 
  • Print Your Own Label Sheets 
  • Product Lists 
  • Quick Start Guide 
  • Showcase Brochure 
  • Party Invitations 
  • And testers of all 80 scents available in the current catalog 
What comes in your $99 starter kit is well over $300 worth of display and business products to get your new business up and running! Plus, every Scentsy Consultant gets a free website for three full months (and $10/month after that), a free online Workstation to organize and run their business, no inventory to manage, no credit card fees, and free shipping on orders over $150. (Discounted shipping rates are offered for deliveries outside the contiguous U.S.) Not only do you get a stocked kit with great business tools and product displays, a personal website and workstation, Scentsy also offers excellent consultant support, including training in various ways. Your new workstation will have training videos and materials. Plus, Scentsy sponsors take pride in helping their new team members when needs arise. And there are various trainings that happen during the year both from corporate and team leaders. In addition, there are training calls and even social media groups that are great resources.
 Show Me the Money 
 So, how much can I expect to earn? The amount you can earn depends on how much time and energy you want to invest. Consultants make 20 to 25 percent commission on their own sales as well as additional bonuses on the sales of other Consultants they sponsor. Plus, they receive bonuses for reaching a certain amount of sales each month. Some Consultants opt to sell just enough for a little extra pocket money, while others, like SuperStar Directors can make six-figure incomes per year. I, personally, know those in my group who have started their Scentsy business just as a hobby and have turned it into their new career. I have met those who say that their Scentsy business is what brought them through some tough times in their life, both emotionally and financially. I, too, can admit that my Scentsy business has been there for me emotionally and financially as well. It has been a real blessing to my life, and I enjoy sharing this amazing opportunity with others.

Awards & Recognition
Okay, so Scentsy sounds great, but are they a reputable company that I can trust? YES! Scentsy has received many awards and much recognition in it’s youth. Including the fact that our CEO, Orville Thompson, was recently elected as the Chairman of the DSA. I invite you to click on the following link and get an idea of how Scentsy has grown yourself. ( Also, I am proud to announce that our company has successfully moved its way up to the top 20 DSA list. ( Scentsy is a company that has grown quickly and efficiently in its 10 years, and with its recent brand addition is estimated to become a billion dollar company very soon. Refer to the chart on the right:

 Continually Growing
 As I mentioned, Scentsy, Inc. has added a new brand to their corporation. Velata was introduced to the public in May of 2012. Velata goes along the same ethos as Scentsy Fragrance - bringing family and friends together to share and create memories. The goal of Velata is to “help families just like yours slow down and enjoy each other as you enjoy food together — and turn dinnertime and parties into cherished memories”. To learn more about the Velata brand and what products are offered, please visit: ( Freedom of Choice When you decide to become a consultant with Scentsy Family, you get to choose which brand better suits your needs and liking. You may choose Scentsy Fragrance, Velata, or both.. What I find fascinating with the Scentsy Family is that, if you decide to share Velata with everyone, but not Scentsy, you can still create a team by others signing up under you in whichever brand they choose. So, for example, if you sell only Velata, and someone wants to sell Scentsy under you, then you still get compensation the same way as if they sold the same brand you do. When Scentsy, Inc. came up with this concept, they changed Direct Selling history. With this sponsoring model in place, it creates an easy opportunity for you to grow your business quickly and on a broad spectrum.

 We are Family
 When you are a part of Scentsy, no matter who your sponsor is, you are family to all! We even recently changed our annual convention name to ‘Scentsy Family Reunion’, and boy can you feel the family spirit when you attend! I am very proud to be a part of such a great company who stands behind their core values - simplicity, authenticity, and generosity! If you find that a Scentsy Family business - Scentsy Fragrance or Velata - could be a blessing to you as well, please don’t hesitate to contact me for more information. I enjoy sharing the opportunity, as much as the product with others because I know what it has done, and can do, for anyone who is willing to take the first step! You may contact me in various ways, pick one that is most convenient for you:
Ronda Markwith - Independent Scentsy Family Consultant
Phone: (407) 462-2490

Direct Sales Company Reviews

I often get a lot of questions on the blog regarding many of the direct sales companies out there that offer opportunities to work from home. Because my blog has always focused on work-at-home jobs rather than businesses, my information on these work from home businesses is limited. For this reason, I have decided to begin a guest post feature offering reviews of some of these popular direct sales companies from independent consultants who work for these companies themselves. If you have any questions regarding the company, please contact the author themselves through their contact information listed in the guest post. If you work as an independent consultant for a similar company and would like to be featured in a guest post then you can contact me at aforbes25[@] Thanks!


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UHaul Hiring Work-At-Home Customer Service Agents

Uhaul, known for their moving and storage resources has also moved into the portable storage solutions field by offering the U-box. Right now Uhaul is hiring Ubox agents to work from home providing quotes and placing reservations. Past customer service experience is desired along with basic computer and keyboarding skills. Pay is $9.25 an hour.  Apply for this position on the Uhaul website.

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Chat Based Customer Service Agent Needed

Weebly offers easy website building, hosting, ecommerce, and domain names. If you have a good understanding of website technology as well as building websites you may be a good match for their current work at home position. This remote customer service position will provide answers to customers via email or chat. This position will be around 30-40 hours a week and pays $15 an hour. For more information and to apply visit the Weebly job site.

Work at Home Transcriptionists Needed

Tigerfish, a well known transcription company, is currently hiring transcribers to work from home. This is a great opportunity as most transcription companies that hire from home require previous transcription experience. Applicants with Tigerfish need to be fast typists and know the English language well but no previous transcription experience is needed. You must be a legal U.S. resident or citizen as well as have high speed internet. The job entails listening to audio files and transcribing them per instructions. For more information on how to apply, visit the job opening.

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SmartBrief Hiring Work at Home Writers

SmartBrief is known for generating customized emails for news related to a specific industry. Right now the company is hiring a telecommuting writer. This position is a deadline intense job where you will be condensing articles into summaries for the daily emails. Writers will be working a morning shift consisting of 2-4 hours a day. Each day you will search the internet for articles of interest to senior executives and then summarize this information to be sent out by email. Previous writing experience required and ability to pass a timed writing test. For more information or to apply, visit the job posting.

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