Work at Home Companies

This is a list of all of the legitimate work at home companies I am currently aware of that hire on a consistent basis. I do not add companies to this list if they do not hire on a regular basis. If there is a blog post regarding a position or company but they are not listed here then they probably do not hire telecommuters consistently. For more information on each company visit the links below.
Work at home companies

This comprehensive list of over 200 work at home companies will help you decide what category of virtual jobs is right for you and which companies to apply with.


Search Engine Evaluator Jobs


Search Engine Evaluator companies hire you to work from home evaluating search engine results. The system is open 24 hours a day making it a very flexible non-phone job. Most of the positions start their pay around $15 per hour. Visit the search engine evaluator page above for more information.
Apply at LeapForce– Find out more at Work at Home with Leapforce
Apply at LionBridge– Find out more at Work at Home with Lionbridge
Apply at Google Ads Quality Rater– Find out more at Google Ads Quality Rater
Apply at Appen– Find out more at Internet Search Engine Evaluator

Virtual Call Center Companies


Virtual call center companies hire work at home agents to answer mostly incoming customer service based phone calls. The calls are automatically routed to your phone. There are a couple of companies that also require outgoing phone calls and some companies may require upsells that would require you to be comfortable with sales. Pay varies based on the company. For more information visit the virtual call center page above.


 Telemarketing Work at Home Companies


Telemarketing companies are similar to virtual call center companies but are usually more sales oriented. They may include incoming or outgoing calls. Some might be calls to warm leads while others might include cold calling. Either way you need to be comfortable with sales. Pay varies based on the company but many are commission based.


 Virtual Assistant Companies



Virtual assistants are very similar to administrative assistant jobs except for the fact that you get to work virtually. Some virtual assistants specialize in a certain area while others handle many different types of tasks. You can work for another company as a virtual assistant where they will match you to clients, kind of similar to a temp job, or you can start your business offering virtual assistant services. Visit the virtual assistant page above for more information.

Assistant Match
Contemporary Virtual Assistants
Fancy Hands
The Smartcrowd
Team Double Click
Time Etc
The Virtual Professionals
Virtual Office Temps
Virtual Office
VA Staffing
Virtual Staffing Team
Worldwide 101


Data Entry Work at Home Companies


Data entry jobs are often the most sough after work at home jobs. They require no phone work, can pay well if you are a fast typist, and use a skill that many people already have. For this reason, these positions are often the hardest to come by. Visit the data entry page above for more information.





Transcription Jobs


Transcription is a great work at home career but many people do not realize it does require specific skills and training and is different from data entry. There are a couple of companies that hire transcribers without experience but those positions are more difficult to find. For more information visit the transcription page above.

3 Play Media(general)
Absolute Transcription (medical)
Accurate Transcription (medical)
Accuscribe (multiple types)
Accutran Global (general)
Alice Darling (general)
Alpha Dog (general)
Amphion Medical (medical)
A&P Transcription (general)
Appenscribe (general)
At Home Typing Service (general)
Athreon (medical)
Av Tranz (general)
Babbletype (general)
BAM Transcription (general)
Cambridge Transcription(legal and business)
Caption Colorado (captioning)
Caption Max (captioning)
Caption Media Group (captioning)
Caset (general)
Casting Words (general)
Cyber Dictate (multiple types)
Deposition Services (legal)
Dictate Express (legal)
Diversified Reporting(legal)
Eight Crossings (medical)
Expedict (general)
Fantastic Transcripts (multiple types)
FDCH(news and financial)
Focus Forward(general)
GMR Transcription (medical)
Hollywood Transcription (general)
HT Steno (legal and business)
Infraware (medical)
Landmark Associates(general)
Modern Day Scribe(general)
Neal R Gross (legal and business)
Net Transcripts(legal)
NJPR (medical)
Northeast Transcription (medical)
Note Vault (construction)
Orion (general)
Penrad Imaging (medical)
Perfect Transcription (medical)
Phoneix Medcom (medical)
Precision Transcription (medical)
Precyse Transcription (medical)
Preferred Transcription (medical)
Production Transcripts (general)
Quicktate (general)
Reporting USA(legal) (general)
RNK Transcription (entertainment and legal)
Same Day Transcription (multiple types)
Say It Back(entertainment)
Scribe Care (medical)
Scribie (general)
Silent Secretary(general)
Softscript (medical)
Speakwrite (general)
Spectrimedi (medical)
StenoMed (medical)
Superior Transcribing Service (medical)
Talk2Type Transcription (general)
Talking Type Captions (captioning)
Task Transcription (general and legal)
Terescription (multiple types)
Terra Nova (medical)
Thomas (medical)
Tigerfish (general)
TnT(general) (general)
Transcribe Me (general)
Transcribe Team (general)
Transcend Services(medical)
Transcript Divas (general)
Transcription Experts (general)
Transcription outsourcing (general)
TransRX (medical)
TSI Transcription (general)
biqus (multiple types)
Unlimited Transcription (medical)
US Captioning (captioning)
Verbal Fusion (general)
VerbalInk (multiple types)
Verilogue (medical)
Vitac (Captioning)
Voxtab (general)
Way With Words (general)
We Scribe It (general)
Word Wizards (general)
Worldwide Dictation (general)
Written Communications (general)
Xpress Transcription (medical)


Tutoring or Teaching Online 


Anyone that loves to teach would enjoy these virtual teaching or tutoring jobs you can do online from home. Some require teaching experience while others just require advanced knowledge in the subject you will be teaching. Visit the Teaching or Tutoring page above for more information/.


Scoring Essays Online


You know all those standardized tests you hated when you were a kid? These work from home positions help grade the handwritten or essay portion of those tests. The pay is great but the positions are usually seasonal. Visit the scoring essays online page above for more information.

ETS Scoring Online-
Pearson Online Scoring
SAT Online Scoring
ACT Online Scoring
Measurement Inc

Freelance Writing


Freelance writing is one of the most flexible work at home careers. If you have experience this is perfect for you but even if you don’t you can find websites to publish your content and then use those writing samples to apply for these positions. Visit the freelance writing page above for more information.

Internet Brands
Constant Content
Life Tips
Method Shop
Fab Job
Gaming Writers
Motley Fool 
Check the Pro-Blogger job board for jobs writing as a blogger
Photoshop Tutorial Writers
Web Design Blogger
Apple Product Writers
Electronics/Technology Writers
Text Broker
Organized Wisdom

Accounting and Bookkeeping Virtual Companies


Many people go into their work from home job search with a specific background and if that background includes experience in accounting or bookkeeping then you might be interested in the companies below that hire virtual accountants and bookkeepers. Visit the accounting and bookkeeping page above for more information.


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