Facebook Growth Strategies to Grow Your Business

Many of you that follow my blog are bloggers, direct sales consultants or business owners.

In all of those cases you can use Facebook pages to grow your business and bring in more income. Facebook growth strategies can help!

When I started my Facebook page Telecommuting Moms, I thought it was going to be easy to grow. Well, it wasn’t.

What are Facebook Growth Strategies?

I went through Rachel Miller’s Facebook Growth Strategies course that helps grow MASSIVE Facebook audiences. And let me tell you… I am totally a believer.

What are Facebook Growth Strategies?

To prove to myself I was grasping Rachel’s strategies I started a new Facebook page Gone Camping. I started from zero and gained 500 page likes in under two weeks of launch.

What kind of results did you get?

I grew the page to over 3,000 likes in a month and a half. I also learned a lot about Facebook ads from Rachel’s course.  Now anyone can run Facebook ads.

Do you want to grow a Facebook page? Maybe you have a direct sales business page that needs higher engagement? Maybe you run an Etsy store and could use Facebook ads to boost sales?

How can this course help me?

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