The Best Telecommuting Jobs for Moms

The Best Telecommuting Jobs for Moms

Many stay at home moms want to be able to work from home but have a hard time finding what the best telecommuting jobs for moms are. Here is your guide to the types of jobs that might be the best fit for the stay at home mom lifestyle.

Best Telecommuting Jobs for Moms


Moms may decide to leave the workplace but for one reason or another find that bringing it some income would be helpful to their family and so the search for a work at home job begins.

Many of the popular work at home jobs though may not be the best fit for moms looking for something that is a non-phone, flexible, telecommuting job to fit around the kids’ naps or school schedules. These suggestions are for telecommuting jobs that offer that type of flexibility.

Search Engine Evaluation and Ad Quality Rater Companies

Work for the search engines helping them add a human element to search engine results allowing users to get the most relevant results possible. The websites for these companies are open 24 hours a day allowing agents to work whenever works for you. Some companies do have a minimum amount of hours to meet each month but besides that you make your own hours. I did this type of job for a couple of years and enjoyed being able to sit down in the evening after the kids went to bed and make some money for basically providing feedback on search engine results.





Data Entry Companies

Data entry is an easy non-phone job that allows for a lot for a lot of flexibility. Most of these companies require no commitment to shifts and allow you to hop on and off working as needed. Data entry jobs can be anything that requires you to type that is not technically transcription. The amount of money to be made on data entry work from home jobs depends a lot on how fast of a typist you are. The pay is based on per document entered or per word or something similar so while some people may find that they do not make much money on these types of jobs, others may find they can earn more because they are more efficient. Data entry is often one of the most popular kind of telecommuting jobs for moms.





Scoring Essays Online

Most standardized tests have some kind of written or essay portion of the test needing to be graded by a human being rather than a machine. Scoring essays online requires scorers to review a scanned document on the computer and apply the rating system to it giving a grade for that portion of the test. Because standardized tests are usually offered every few months scorers would need to score for multiple types of tests in order to get regular work year round. This is also a great opportunity for those that really do not want year round work however as scorers can choose to work for one or two testing periods per year if desired. This means for a month or so you are working consistently and then are done with that grading period. Makes a great way to earn some extra cash for summer trips as a lot of the testing periods are offered in the spring.





Freelance Writing

Freelance writing allows for a lot of flexibility. Most sites give due dates for assignments but you can work on them whenever you want. You can also work for as many or as few sites as you want allowing for a light or heavy work load. This is a great opportunity for moms who want to have control over how much they work and when they work. Assignments can be accepted or declined based on how much time is available.


























Blogging is really more of a work from home business because you work for yourself and can work as much or as little as you want. It obviously takes a while to get to the point that you are generating income but it is possible. If you are interested you can start by reading my Quickstart Guide to Becoming a Blogger  or the Blogging for Money resource page.


 Short Task Sites

Short task sites, sometimes called micro task sites, are websites where anyone can place jobs or gigs that can be completed fairly quickly. The types of tasks vary greatly on these sites so it takes a while to get a feel for which tasks are a good match for each person and will not take too long for you to finish. Don’t give up on the sites too quickly because it often just takes some trial and error to find the types of tasks that are a good match for your skill set and that you can finish efficiently. Telecommuting jobs for moms like these are technically not even jobs, just websites you can use to make extra cash in your free time.

















Text Chat Operator Jobs From Home

These types of online chat jobs are similar in some ways to the virtual call center jobs where agents offer customer service and support to client’s customers except there is no phone work required. Agents help customers through  online chats offering customer service or tech support as needed.

If you are a mom looking for work from home and are frustrated with the jobs you have found online so far then try out some of these types of telecommuting jobs for moms and let me know what you think. I am always interested in hearing feedback on different companies from moms who have tried it out.

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