Chat Jobs at Home With Best Buy

Chat Jobs at Home With Best Buy

Text chat operator jobs from home are a great option for those looking for a non-phone work at home job. Basically these types of positions are customer service based but over an online chat service. Chat jobs at home with Best Buy are one of the places you can apply for these positions.

Chat Jobs at Home


If you are looking for non-phone  chat jobs from home, why not work for a well known company like Best Buy. Best Buy is a well known U.S. based consumer electronics retailer.  They also offer services to fix and  troubleshoot electronic devices. This branch of the company is called the Geek Squad.

Chat jobs at home seem to be a growing niche in the work at home world. As more and more companies begin to add some kind of chat feature where they offer customer service or IT help, the number of these jobs grow.

These types of chat jobs are ideal for those with kids at home that can not always guarantee a quiet background as so many of the other customer service work at home jobs require.

If you have a background in customer service and want to work for a reputable company like Best Buy then this might be the perfect fit for you. Read on to find out more about chat jobs from home with Best Buy.

What Would I Do Working Chat Jobs at Home?

In general, the chat jobs are customer service based assistant through a website chat feature. If you have ever visited a website and seen the option to contact the company through chat rather than phone or email then the people who respond to those chats may or may not be working from home. 

Some companies hire out these types of positions to people working remotely. For Best Buy, the chat jobs at home position is working for the Geek Squad side of the company. 

Basically when someone comes to the website looking for tech help you would be acting as a help desk taking their information, finding out what products they are having trouble with, and exactly what type of problem they are having with their device. You would then set up a member of the Geek Squad to visit them.

The company describes the position as the first line of help at Agents troubleshoot a variety of products with customers, run diagnostic tools, and help customers get the right solution to their question/problem.

This person would facilitate the initial interaction when a client connects to Geek Squad Online Support through the chat portal. Best Buy requires at least a year of experience troubleshooting and diagnosing Microsoft, Apple, and mobile device operating system issues. They also require that candidates have a minimum of a year of customer service experience and working in a sales environment.

You can live in any state except for California, Washington, and Alaska in order to be hired for these positions . You must be available to work 35 hours a week including week days and weekends.

Read the specifics of the job description before applying. Sometimes these positions are night positions or sometimes they want someone that is bilingual. These positions are hired for from time to time so if you do not see this specific job posting on their job site, check back often.

In order to check for current openings or to apply for this position visit the Best Buy job site. For more companies that hire for these types of positions visit our post on text chat operator jobs from home. For other types of work at home jobs you can visit our work at home company directory for more ideas on what types of jobs are available.



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