Taking that last step to quit your job and begin working from home can be very scary. As with any unknown territory in life, you probably have many questions about whether working from home will be right for you. Talking to others can help but each person’s personality reacts differently to working from home, making it an excellent choice for some and maybe not such a good choice for others. Check out these reason you should work from home and reasons you should not work from home to find out is working from home a good fit for you?

Is Working From Home A Good Fit For You

Is Working From Home a Good Fit For You? Reasons you SHOULD Work From Home

  • You have children that are school age and will have free time to yourself to work during the day without interruption but will also have a flexible schedule to be available to them when they are home as well as for school activities when needed.
  •  You have younger children that you want to stay home with but plan on working only during naps and after bedtime and have a work from home job lined up that will allow this flexibility.
  • Your kids are grown up and you would like to start working again but still would like the flexibility many work at home jobs offer
  • You have a full-time job but would like to make some additional income on the side. Many work at home jobs will allow you to work evening hours or even let you work whenever you want to work.
  • You are a college student that can not make an off campus job work and would like to be able to work remotely. 
  • You are retired but would still like to earn some income from home
  • Your personality can survive without the adult interaction gained from working an office all day, in fact you think you will thrive working on your own.
  • You are a disciplined hard worker that does not need constant supervision and works well independently.
  • Your husband, kids, friends, and support network are on board with you working from home and understand the boundaries that need to be in place to make it successful.

Is Working From Home a Good Fit For You? Reasons you should NOT Work From Home

  • You should NOT work from home if you think that your kids are at an age where they will need you constantly, do not nap much, and you have no free help during the day in order to get work done. Taking on a work from home job, especially one that requires phone work with a quiet background, is a mistake if your kids are at an age where this is just not feasible.
  • You should not take a work from home if the only way you can make it work is by paying someone to help with childcare and the amount of money you will be making is not significantly more than the amount of money you will be paying for childcare.
  • You should NOT work from home if you have no self discipline. There are a lot of distractions around the house including television, household chores, and talking on the phone that can take over your time if you are not careful.
  • You should NOT work from home if you crave the social interaction of the daily office. You will find yourself seeking it other ways whether on the phone with friends or chatting online or you will just be miserable being on your own at home.
  • You should NOT work from home if you have trouble managing your time or separating work from home. Achieving a well-balanced work/home life is vital to being successful.
  • You should NOT work from home if you think your children and spouse will not understand the boundaries needed or respect them enough to accomplish your goals.

If you feel you can clearly answer yes  when you ask yourself “is working from home a good fit for you?” and fit the criteria for having the support and lifestyle needed then you are ready to start your work from home job search. We suggest you begin by reading up on our work at home scams page and then begin checking out the categories and different types of jobs on the list of Work At Home Companies

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