Earn Money From Amazon MTurk

Earn Money From Amazon MTurk

There are many different ways you can make money from home with Amazon including customer service jobs, selling on Amazon, designing shirts, and being an Amazon associate. On really flexible way to earn money from Amazon in your free time though is through a program they have called MTurk. 

Earn Money With Amazon

What is Amazon MTurk?

MTurk stands for mechanical turk and it is basically Amazon’s version of a crowdsourcing marketplace. Individuals and businesses that need tasks completed online can post these task through the Amazon MTurk website. These tasks can really be anything as long as the task can be performed virtually. It is a great opportunity for companies to use crowdsourcing for tasks they may not have people on site for. Now instead of hiring temps to do occasional tasks they can use virtual workers online.

Many times companies use sites like Amazon MTurk for tedious tasks that they don’t want to have their employees wasting time on as well. It benefits the companies by freeing up employee time as well as being able to pay people on a per task pay model instead of by the hour.

On the other side of things, these tasks offer people working from home the ability to earn money from Amazon in their free time.  You can sign up to make money off of these tasks by becoming a “worker.” There are a wide variety of tasks posted by many different companies once you get logged in. Tasks can include image/video processing, data verification, information gathering, and data processing. These are just some of the bigger groups of tasks but there are so many types of smaller tasks there is sure to be something for everyone.

How Do I Earn Money From Amazon MTurk?

First, in order to get started you need to sign up as a worker on the MTurk website. You can use an Amazon account you already have for this if you would like.  You may need to wait while your account goes through the approval process. They will notify you once you have been approved. You will also usually have a probationary period once accepted so be careful to only take tasks you know you can complete both in a timely manner and with high quality.

Once logged in, you will see a list of tasks called HIT Groups. Each task will have the name of the requester listed (the individual or company that has posted the task), the title of the task, the number of HIT’s that requester has posted, the pay for that task, and the date the task was posted. 

You will also notice if you hover over the task it will give you more information about the requester as far as their activity level, their approval rate, and the average pay time. This is important information as you may find some requesters are brand new and you may not want to work with them or there may be some that are pickier about approving tasks or take a long time to pay.

There is also a preview button where you can preview more information about the task if you need to see this before deciding to accept a task or not. You will also notice that some tasks have an accept button at the end meaning you can go ahead and choose that task to complete if you would like or it might have a lock symbol along with a qualify button. This means that the requester wants you to go through some type of qualification process before being able to choose these tasks. These are usually fairly quick and once done will approve you for all of those types of tasks.

Another thing you may notice is that the pay for the tasks is pretty low.  You can choose to sort the available tasks by reward and therefore see which tasks are the highest paying. You will also come to know once you get started how long certain types of tasks take. For instance, a task might only pay $.20 but it may only take you a minute to complete it. There are tasks on there paying more than $20 just be sure you understand the magnitude of the task and how long you think it will take you.  Depending on how much free time you have, sometimes the shorter smaller paying tasks are easier for when you just have a little bit of time here and there to jump on and off getting some work done. 

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Tips on How to Earn Money from Amazon Efficiently

  • Be patient while you get approved
  • Make sure you do quality work and are on time turning in tasks during your probation period
  • Check the Mturk website frequently as the well paying tasks get taken fast when they are posted
  • Try a variety of different tasks to find out what types you are really good at can get done the fastest
  • Check the ratings of the requester before accepting a task to make sure they pay in a timely manner and have a good approval rating
  • Consider this a way to earn extra cash in your free time not a way to make a considerable part-time income from home


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