Extra Cash for the Holidays: Money Making Apps

extra cash for the holidays

Extra Cash for the Holidays: Money Making Apps

Who couldn’t use a little extra cash for the holidays? With the holidays quickly approaching I thought a series of blog posts on how to make a little extra cash for holiday spending would be good. Many people don’t have the time for a part-time work from home job but do find the need for some extra income from time to time. This series will cover those types of seasonal jobs, temporary gigs, and extra little things you can do to earn cash when you need it most.


For the first blog post we will focus on money making apps. I know many of you are aware of many of the apps that can be used to save you money when shopping for the holidays or anytime of the year. Some of you may not be aware that there are also apps that can earn cash. These do not require any commitment to a certain number of hours a week like most work from home jobs but instead offer a way to earn money while you are out doing the things you already do.

For those of you who like to shop from the comfort of your own home, I don’t think you can beat earning cash back with Rakutan. There are three different ways you can earn cash back with Rakutan. If you are shopping online from home then you can start your shopping at Rakutan.com and click through to the store you will be shopping at. Stores pay Rakutan a percentage for referring customers to them and Rakutan shares that commission with you, that’s how you get cash back.

They have a chrome extension you can add so you can even skip visiting the website first. They also have coupons codes for many stores online so they can save you money as well! On top of that they have a selection of stores that offer double cash back so you can get twice the extra cash for the holidays. Rakutan also has an app you can use while shopping on the go. If you prefer to shop in person, they have an option for that now as well. You can search the in-store offers, find one you like, link it to your account using the debit or credit card you will be using, and then stop the store within 24 hours to make the purchase.

When it is time for you to get paid, you can choose to be paid by check or Paypal. This time of year when you will be doing a lot of shopping for the holidays anyways is a great time to sign up. Every time you shop you will be making a little bit of extra cash for the holidays. 

Field Agent  is another way to earn extra cash for the holidays. This app uses agents to complete simple tasks while on the go. Agents find tasks based on their location, complete them, and get paid. Tasks may include taking photos of in-store products, scanning barcodes of items, gathering in-store video, verifying prices of a product, or completing field surveys. Tasks must usually be completed within two hours of accepting so check for tasks when heading out to run errands.

You get started by downloading the app. Then next time you are visiting your favorite stores check to see what tasks they have that you can complete to earn cash.  All jobs are reviewed by their quality assurance team before you will be paid. Field agents are paid by direct deposti.

Want another way to make money while you are out running all of those holiday errands? Check out Easy Shift. This app is similar to Field Agent and pays agents for completing tasks such as taking photos or recording the price of a product. Complete  few of the lower paying tasks to be promoted and have access to higher paying assignments. Download the app and check for tasks near you or wherever you are at the moment and earn extra cash for the holidays. Most payments are sent 48 hours after approval through your Paypal account.

Gigwalk connects users with businesses willing to pay for completed gigs. Some need to be completed while out at different locations while others like testing apps can be done from home. get started by downloading the app and registering your account. Link your Paypal account to your Gigwalk account in order to get paid. Search for jobs in your area. Once completed and a job is approved, payment is sent out immediately.

Shopkick earns shoppers cash by offering kickbucks when consumers enter certain stores.  Be sure to open it when out shopping anywhere to see if that store qualifies for kickbucks for visiting the store. More kickbucks can be earned for buying certain items or scanning barcodes while in the store. This app pays in points redeemable for a wide variety of gift cards that you can use for holiday shopping. So while this one is not technically a paying job, these gift cards can be used to buy some of those holiday presents.

Ibotta works similar to an electronic version of rebates. Take pictures of your receipts showing purchases of qualified items. Find items through the app that are offering rebates, purchase the items, scan the barcode, and take a picture of the receipt. Why not earn money on purchases you are already making?

Next week we will be discussing seasonal work from home jobs. So those will be more the traditional work at home jobs but with companies that hire seasonally so for those of you who really can’t make working a regular shift at a work at home job work year round, these are great for just making some extra cash for a few months.


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