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Facebook and Twitter Topic Guides Needed hires for “Guides” to write for specific topics. I don’t usually post the writing positions on here very often because many of the topics are very specific and would be for a very small segment of my readers, if any. I thought this one would be of more interest to many of you since a large portion of you are involved in social media.
Currently they are hiring for a Facebook and a Twitter Guide. The Twitter Guide description asks for someone who is “a seasoned web writer who mentally composes tweets in the shower, spends hours obsessing over your followers count, and is fascinated by how Twitter is changing how we relate to both people and businesses online? Of course you must be active on Twitter, and you should have access to a smartphone (preferably iPhone or Android) that allows access to mobile versions of Twitter and related apps. The ideal candidate also will have excellent writing and writing-for-the-web skills. A knowledge of SEO, basic HTML, formatting-for-the-web and social media are all important. The ideal candidate will feel comfortable working with online publishing tools and have a solid understanding of Internet use and website navigation. Finally, he or she should be open to ideas, consistently able to produce concise and accurate copy, and willing to revise and edit when necessary.”

The Facebook Guide does not have qualifications listed for it but I’m sure they are looking for someone equally experienced on Facebook. To view more of the job posting for both and to apply visit the list of topics they are hiring for here and click on the one you are interested in.

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