Internet Judger

Internet Judger

COMSYS has an exciting opportunity to work from home. We are looking for Website Judgers who will be using an automated system to evaluate the results of internet searches. Judgers use a browser-based tool to assess the quality of search engine results and input the evaluation into tool. You will be required to work 15-25 hours per week on your own schedule Monday through Friday. This project will begin immediately, and will go through July, however, it could extend indefinitely.

COMSYS will provide access and training to use the browser-based judging tool. You must complete a short training on-line training module before you will be given access to the judging tool.

System Requirements:
High-speed internet access
PC with Windows XP or above
Microsoft Internet Explorer 8
You must be able to install a toolbar on your PC.

Minimum 2 years of college or university education or higher
Computer savvy
Ability to work in the US
Located in Seattle or Washington, DC area

As an applicant to this job, you will also agree to provide certain demographic information in order to evaluate your results against a larger population. This information will not be shared outside of COMSYS.

Contact information:

Alaina Forbes

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