5 Reasons to Start Making Money with the Amazon Associates Program

5 Reasons to Start Making Money with the Amazon Associates Program

Can we be real with each other for a moment?  Is there truly an easier way to make money online than as with the Amazon Associates program?  If you are as big a fan of Amazon as I am you might also be interested in learning that there are  12 Ways To Make Money From Home With Amazon.
 5 Reasons to Start Making Money With the Amazon Associates Program
I’m not ashamed to admit that I have an overly active relationship with Amazon.  Seriously.  Who can resist their Prime perks, their free 2-day shipping, and those wonderful add-on items for typically 60% less or so than other retailers who offer the same product?  The best part of loving all things Amazon?  The fact that I’m able to actually earn money through their Amazon Associates program.  It’s a super easy way to earn money from the comfort of my own home, and from a program and place that I can vouch for and stand behind.  Have you ever considered becoming an Amazon Associate to advertise on your business page or blog?  If not, you should seriously do so.  Here are some reasons why you should consider becoming part of the Amazon Associates Program and start making money with little time and effort!

1. Millions of households shop every day on Amazon.  That’s a lot of commissions and money out there to be earned.  The great part?  You have the potential to earn money off any item that they purchase on their order through Amazon within 24 hours of them clicking on your advertised link.  (Thank you cookies!)  That’s a great set-up for you to possibly earn some good commission!  It isn’t based on just a one time visit for that person.  All you have to do is find some products you love and share them with your friends. This can be done over social media channels or if you are a blogger then through your blog. If they clicked on your link once and bought something, you would earn commission from that purchase once it ships.  Then, if they decide that they want or need to order something else through Amazon 6 hours later, you will ALSO get commission off that purchase, and ANY other purchase within that 24 hour period.  Talk about earning some great passive income!

2. Amazon literally has a product for everything.  Depending on what your business or blog niche is, you more than likely won’t have any issues finding products to link up and advertise on Amazon.  With their new features and updates, advertising with them couldn’t be easier.  They have a cool new feature called  “SiteStripe” that automatically gives you the code you need to add the advertisement via text, picture or both.  Could it be any easier?

3.  Amazon never shuts down.  Once you become an Amazon affiliate with them, you literally have no time/day or holiday restrictions that are holding you back.  One of your best commission sales could be at 3 AM in the morning…seriously!  Amazon never closes, never shuts down and keeps adding new products and vendors each and every day.  The earning potential is seriously untapped when you are an affiliate of Amazon!

4.  Traffic increases substantially during holiday time and Amazon Prime days.  Even though every day presents a great opportunity to earn money with Amazon, they do a great job of having promotional days as well where they offer ever bigger sales and incentives, plus they do a great job promoting, too!  It’s like having one of the biggest companies promoting for you.  They announce their sale days, and you start to promote via their promotions.  Talk about a good team, right?

5.  Amazon is widely known and has a great brand image.  Sometimes, the hardest part about finding legit ways to make money online is the fact that some companies are not well-known or don’t have the most positive brand images out there.  With the Amazon Associates program, that’s not an issue.  Everyone knows Amazon, most use Amazon and those who don’t use Amazon may eventually decide to start using Amazon. If you are making honest recommendations based on products you have tried or that you love then trust me, your friends or blog readers will not care that you are making a little commission off of the sale. Seems like a winning company for sure, right?

To get started as an Amazon Associate you can sign up on their affiliate page. If you have worked with other affiliate programs in the past then one nice thing about Amazon is that there is just one application rather than applying for an affiliate program and then needing to apply to to each individual seller within the program. Once approved you will have access to their very simple linking tools and can promote over a million products sold on the website. Their Native Shopping Ads and Bounty Program offer publishers other options for making money as part of the Amazon Associates program as well.  Native Shopping Ads are basically ads that run on your blog making recommendations to your readers. The Amazon Bounty Program offers affiliates a way to earn fees for making referrals to the different amazing Amazon programs such as Prime, Amazon Video,  and Audible.

While there are a ton of different options out there to try to make money from home or earn money on the side, it’s hard to compete with the Amazon Associates program.  With their product options, their service and customer support and the fact that they are literally the largest shopping platform in the world, it seems like an easy choice to decide to become an associate with their program.  Before deciding if it is right for you, take the time to plan on how you would successfully start to incorporate their affiliate links on your site and make certain that you do your research to remain in compliance with the laws, rules, and regulations that are required by the FTC.  If you are able to narrow down your goals on how you want to make money with Amazon Associates affiliate program, you are one step closer to making some legit money with them as well!

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