Make Money on Amazon With Native Shopping Ads

Make Money on Amazon With Native Shopping Ads

If you’re looking for ways to make money on Amazon, you’ll want to dive in and discover how to do so using Amazon Native Shopping Ads. So simple and easy, you’ll wonder why you haven’t been doing this sooner! For more ways to make money with Amazon be sure to check out our post on 12 ways to make money from home with Amazon.

Amazon native shopping ads are a great way to make money online. Not only do they offer commissions earned off certain products and purchases but they also offer a variety of other ways to increase your income and revenue as well. Many people making money on Amazon monthly and don’t have any plans of stopping that any time soon! If you’re interesting learning how to make money on Amazon, the following information will help you do just that!

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Make Money on Amazon With Amazon Native Shopping Ads

If you have an online presence, you have the potential to make money on Amazon. Many people actually don’t understand the terminology of what a native ad is so in order to understand how to make money from them, you first must understand how you can use them on your site.

What is a native shopping ad?

While there’s probably a more complex definition that the one you’re about to receive, think of native shopping ads as this. They are basically a recommendation of Amazon products to enhance the user experience and hopefully have them click over and make a purchase. These ads can be placed in various spots online on a webpage and are used to draw interest and offer items that are often similar to whatever the article is about.

The ads will be different for each user that visits your website because they are meant to be specific recommendations for that specific visitor to your site.

How does one make money on Amazon using native shopping ads?

It’s actually a really simple process. And it doesn’t take long at all. If you’re wanting to make money on Amazon, native ads are an investment-free and easy way to go. All you need to do is sign up for the Amazon Associates program offered through Amazon and follow the steps for setting up your native shopping ads. (Yes, it’s really as simple as that!)

Once you sign up and input the ads on your site, you’ll have reports available on your Amazon Associates dash that will show you what people are clicking through and how much revenue you’re actually earning from the placements of the ads.

Can you change the location of the native shopping ads?

Yes, you can. You might have to play around with where you want them on your page. People often feel that they get the best results with people clicking through and on them when they’re at the very bottom of the page. The goal by putting them at the very bottom is that they go with the natural flow of the eyes and people may not necessarily realize and associate it as an advertisement.

Can you remove the ads from Amazon when you want?

Of course. You have control over what you want on your site, plain and simple. However, if your goal is to make money on Amazon, removing the native shopping ads wouldn’t be a very solid financial plan. If you find that you aren’t getting a very big monetary reward on how you currently have them set up, try again and change a few things.

You won’t know what you can truly earn unless you take the time to try out a few different scenarios. It’s always amazing how one small tweak or something can have a huge impact on the overall outcome of your financial earnings!

The time is now to make money on Amazon. If you run a website or blog using native shopping ads are a simple way to make some extra cash while offering your visitors a great experience.

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