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Parenting Squad Hiring Writers/Bloggers

Parenting Squad is currently hiring writers/bloggers. Here is the information from the website.
Parenting Squad is a part of the Killer Aces Media network. Killer Aces Media was founded with the mission to create quality community blogs that provided a full-service admin team for probloggers.

Why join Parenting Squad?

We wanted to provide a platform for bloggers to be able to do only what they love — writing and community. Bloggers with their own blogs eventually get bogged down with the business and technical aspects of maintaining a blog — sales, marketing, and tech. With so many balls in the air, these bloggers start seeing their content being compromised.

The founders of Killer Aces Media are experienced in building blogs. We come from a diverse background of advertising, marketing, and technology. Providing the backend support to a popular blog is what we love to do. We are partnering with great bloggers to provide the best sites for readers.

Other Killer Aces blogs

In addition to Parenting Squad, we also run these great sites:

* Wise Bread
* Healthcare Hacks
* Healthy Theory

Apply Today!
If you have great parenting tips and stories to share, email us at with the following:

1. Three sample posts of at least 400 words in length. The three sample posts MUST be on topic. Please do not just send us a link to your blog. Links to your site(s) can be given as additional references to your work, as well as other samples that are off-topic. We are specifically looking for articles that are informative and helpful, rather than witty and entertaining (although being so helps, too). When it comes to blog writing, it matters less that you are a great writer, and more that you can provide quality content. Your samples should show that you can write authoritative, helpful, and useful content.

2. Five concrete and specific ideas for future posts. Include details and/or an outline of the meat of the posts. For example, if you plan on writing about effective potty training techniques, please list briefly what some of those techniques would be.

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Saturday 12th of March 2011

Thanks for sharing

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