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Social Media Community Manager Needed

Big Fuel is currently hiring a Social Media Community Manager. This is a full time work from home position. They are looking for someone to develop online ties with customers and influencers in the automotive industry.
Duties include;
• Provide ongoing editorial support for vlogs, blogs, tweets and other social media activity
• Work directly with creative team and client to help develop an ongoing communication strategy and publishing calendar based on marketing objectives and community feedback

Community interaction activities
• Creatively and proactively interact with online communities across all platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, selected blogs and message board systems
• Generate community dialogue, buzz and interaction, and conduct outreach
• Maintain and expand a master list of key users, social sites and social content around automotive
• Answer questions and engage in conversations where necessary / as directed by the team
• Help identify and engage topic influencers and brand advocates
• Host and/or participate in live chat events

Reporting activities
• Work with our conversation monitoring tools to track online conversations and sentiment
• Compile weekly reports on all interactions, with recommendations for possible course correction
• Proactively communicate issues, opportunities and insights to the team

Qualifications and Experience
• Passionate about automotive – please write in 300 words or less about how this became a passion, and examples of your personal involvement around automotive
• Up-do-date on the latest and greatest trends, venues, people, places and things around automotive

* Must possess knowledge and understanding of Gen Y / Millennials’ behaviors, attitudes and values
• Understands digital and social media universe including YouTube, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Delicious, Digg, Reddit, Flickr, Forums, Twitter, Wikis, blogs, etc…We’re looking for a social media addict who is personally participating in these channels.
• Commercially minded, believes in the power of brands, excited at the prospect of interacting with people online on behalf of a consumer brand
• Excels at research, is able to identify threats and opportunities in social media content
• Has excellent verbal and written communication skills
• Possesses excellent / fast writing skills and the ability to crank out editorial and topical writing
• Experience managing content development and publishing would be a plus
• An ability to work individually on a project or in a team environment
• Ability to communicate results to team and management and to thrive in a fast paced environment
For more information and to apply visit the job posting here .

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