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Freelance Writer is currently hiring freelance writers. When writing for Wisegeek you get to choose your topic and write about topics you feel comfortable with. Writer are paid $10-$14 per article and are asked to contribute at least 5 articles per week or 20 articles a month. To apply, visit their website here.

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Freelance Writing Project

Freelance Writer/Editor needed for “product descriptions” “web content editing” (Telecommute) Bibi & Mimi, manufacturer of baby products, is looking for writer/editors to help with companies 150 products. Baby shoes, socks, onesies etc need cute descriptions/features to be placed on the website, at least 3 sentences each, color definitions, design details etc. This is a project …

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More Freelance Writing

I have a couple of prior posts about freelance writing jobs and wanted to update with a few more companies.The prior posts on freelance writing can be found here and here. As I have come to find, you don’t need to be a professional writer to earn money writing. I recently started as a freelance …

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Freelance Writing

I wrote an article a couple of weeks ago about a few websites that you can write for to make some extra money as a freelance writer so I thought I would update with a few more sites I found that will pay you to write. Squidoo TonicConjectureDemand Studios Constant ContentLife TipsMethod ShopFab JobGaming WritersMotley …

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