Updates on Writing Jobs at Home

Updates on Writing Jobs at Home

My newest guest post over at Money Saving Mom is up now. This week I am talking about how to get started writing for revenue sharing sites. Here is a portion of the article;

Freelance writing may sound like it’s only for the pros. However, on many writing sites that pay by revenue-sharing, anyone can share their knowledge and get paid for it. Get started now and you may have enough time to earn some cash before the holidays. What Are Revenue Sharing Writing Sites? Revenue-sharing sites are websites that pay freelance writers based on page views or page clicks. They are often referred to as revenue-sharing sites because the amount they pay is based on the amount of money they are earning from traffic to your articles. They pay you a portion of that money, thus, sharing their revenue with you…

Finish reading the article over at31 Days to Earn Extra Cash Before Christmas: Write for Revenue-Sharing Sites. 
Also check out the updated list of writing sites on the list of companies page.

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