Work-At-Home: Social Media Moderator

Work-At-Home: Social Media Moderator

Many of you who are bloggers or active on social media have probably heard of LiveWorld.  They are known for handling content and social media for a number of large companies. A work at home social media moderator for some of these brands includes monitoring their content or social media sites. This may include monitoring a client`s Facebook posts and comments, message boards, or blog entries. This may also include responding to questions or comments according to a client`s or brand`s direction.

work at home social media

Work at home Social Media Moderator Required Skills:

  • Demonstrated social media super-user (including Twitter, Facebook, etc.)
  • Current and active participation in Facebook fan pages, groups and discussion threads a plus
  • Involvement with online community activities/types of content (blogs, video, images, audio, discussion board posts, etc.) is a must
  • Strong writing skills are a plus
  • Previous moderation experiences preferred, but not required
  • High-speed Internet access a must

You can apply on the LiveWorld application page.



Alaina Forbes

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