Work Frome Home Website Testers


Work Frome Home Website Testers


Many people looking for a way to make money from home do not actually want a part-time or full time work from home job. Instead they want a way to know how to make a  extra cash from home. Website testing is a great side hustle to do from home. Work from home website testers can make money by evaluating and providing feedback for businesses. One of the companies that does this is Userlytics.

work from home website testers

Who is Userlytics?

Userlytics has been around since 2009 helping people and businesses improve the user experience for their website. Their platform allows companies to see the user who is providing feedback and define what type of targeted user they would like to perform the testing, They offer user testing for websites, prototypes, and mobile apps.

For the most part they do not want computer experts testing websites and apps for their clients, they want real people similar to the types of people who would come across the business website in the first place. This is where you come in. The company pays people to record their experience using these websites or apps.

What Do Work From Home Website Testers Do?

You’ll be user testing websites, prototypes, advertisements, videos and other types of material from small start-up companies to those of large well-known corporations. As a tester, you will be asked to work through the Userlytics application, which incorporates facial recording, screen recording, click tracking, and both verbal and written commentary.

You will also be asked to complete a series of survey and rating questions. Testers need to follow the usability test instructions as provided by the client. It is very important that you speak your thoughts out loud as you follow the instructions. Try speaking and sharing your thoughts aloud during the entire user experience test. Some user tests require a webcam view, some do not. 

The point is that you are saying your thought out loud that you might be thinking as you were using a new website. Things that you find annoying about the website, things that are easy to find, thoughts on the appearance of the website, etc.  You might be asked your opinion on specific things such as site navigation, overall concept, ease of use and intuitiveness,design, video, colors, layout,  and specific processes such as check out, log in, registration, search, utilities, etc.

From the company website here is an example of what past user experience tasks included:

    • Register for an account on a client site, log in, fill in your profile and add a friend.
    • Pretend you are looking for a pair of jeans, search for jeans, look through the results and proceed to checkout, but stop before the order is confirmed.
    • Look around ABC site, wherever your interests take you and give us feedback on the look and feel, concept and overall layout.
    • Compare a home page to a competitor’s (or industry leader’s) home page and tell us what we do better or worse than them and which site you’d choose to visit and why.
    • Compare the purchasing/checkout function of two sites.
    • Conduct a search for an item/site.
    • React to a series of advertisements, video or static images.
    • Answer a series of questions.

Each user test takes between 20-40 minutes to complete.

How Do I Become a User Tester for Userlytics?

To become a tester, you will need a Mac with OSX 10.11 or higher OR a PC with Windows 7 or higher, a high-speed internet access, a standard internet browser program (such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome), headphones and a working built in mic.. For some tests you will also need a webcam. If you meet these requirements and would like to get started, go to website usability testing sign up.

Once signed up, testers will be notified of new testing opportunities based on their demographic data and the needs of our clients. You will receive an email when invited to a testing opportunity for a client. These invites will have more information including what the pay is for the specific test. If you decide to perform that test you can do it in your free time before the specified  deadline.

If you perform the test, once the client reviews and positively rates your test feedback, your test will be marked as “approved”. Payments for approved tests are made once every 15 days through Paypal. Clients rate the quality of the user experience feedback provided by user testers. This encourages testers to offer the most helpful usability testing feedback possible and users are given a rating based on this client feedback.

Clients are looking for critical user testing feedback. They want to learn from the testing what parts of the website need to be improved, where it can be improved, where and what the problems are, where it is really bad so do not be afraid to provide negative feedback.

If you like the idea of a side hustle but do not think that user testing is the right fit for you, be sure to check out some other options on our page about How to Make Extra Cash From Home.


Alaina Forbes

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    I do not understand how to sign up for this. Can you help? Thank you!

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    Sure! Just click on the text in the post that says “website usability testing sign up”. It is underlined. When you click on it then it will take you to the sign up paqge for Userlytics. Click on Sign Up and fill out the info. That’s it, good luck!

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