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8 Lessons in Military Leadership for Entrepreneurs: Review & Giveaway

8 Lessons in Military Leadership forRobert Kiyosaki, most commonly known for his popular Rich Dad Poor Dad book, is now sharing another side of his life with his book 8 Lessons in Military Leadership for Entrepreneurs.  Robert Kiyosaki’s new book draws from his years at the Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point and his service in the United Sates Marine Corps. The book includes compelling stories and examples and an engaging way of comparing and contrasting two very different cultures and value systems. 

From Robert’s perspective, military training shapes lives and supports entrepreneurship. The training, discipline, and leadership skills taught in the military can be leveraged for huge success in the civilian world of business.

I know many of who read this blog are entrepreneurs yourself so you know the difficulties that come along with that. Robert says in his book

“As you may know, nine out of 10 new businesses fail within the first five years. Of the one in 10 that survives those first five years, nine out of 10 of those ‘survivors’ fail in the second five years. The primary reason why most new entrepreneurs fail is simply because they lack the core training, the core strengths they need to withstand the rigors of being an entrepreneur.”

So what is the difference between those entrepreneurs that succeed and those that fail? Robert would say that it is certain skills and values. Many of you might have obtained these same skills and values somewhere besides the military. Character can be developed in many different ways but Robert suggests that military training provides a unique background for developing the necessary skills and character to be a successful entrepreneur. One of the characteristics he says entrepreneurs need that I enjoyed reading about was respect.  Robert tells a story of something one of his instructors told him that has always stayed with him

“Whether you are praising or reprimanding, never forget to be caring. Before you rip into someone, you must first find compassion in your heart for your fellow human being. Communication is easier with a bridge of caring.” This has been a lesson I have used throughout my military career and in business.  I believe it is this lesson that creates success in business.’

This book is appropriate for entrepreneurs or everywhere, regardless of if you have  background in military experience. It simply takes lessons learned from the military culture and applies them to becoming successful as an entrepreneur. This would also be a great read for those with a military background who may be considering entrepreneurship.

If this book sounds like it could inspire you along your entrepreneurial path, you can enter the giveaway below to win your own copy of 8 Lessons in Military Leadership for Entrepreneurs.

8 lessons in military leadership

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I’d like to thank Rich Dad, Robert Kiyosaki, for sponsoring today’s post and inspiring entrepreneurs everywhere.

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Laura K.

Monday 15th of June 2015

I think I would be most interested in the section about Respect. Well, the section on Authority might make it a tie. Regardless, I'm definitely interested in the entire book and the giveaway! Thanks for the post! :)


Saturday 13th of June 2015

The Sales and Leadership part interests me a lot!!


Friday 12th of June 2015

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Saturday 6th of June 2015

Sales and Leadership.

ashley ramsey

Friday 5th of June 2015

I am interested in reading these sections: Leaders as Teachers. My husband is in the military and I would love for him to read this book!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.