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8 Remote Healthcare Jobs You Can Do From Home

While there are many different work from home jobs out there that are a good fit for a variety of backgrounds, this is one type of  job that requires a specific work background. For those with experience working in the medical field but who need to find a work from home job then these remote healthcare jobs would be a great fit for you.

Remote Healthcare Jobs

What Do These Remote Healthcare Jobs Entail?

The type of work you will be doing for these remote healthcare jobs varies a lot based on what type of job you apply for. Obviously this also means that the pay varies as well based on the type of experience needed for each type of job and your previous education and work experience.

The hours vary per company but there are both part-time and full-time positions available. You will also want to pay attention to whether the company will be hiring you as an employee or as an independent contractor as their are ramifications for  taxes and benefits. When looking through the list apply for the positions that are a good fit for you and your skill set.

What Are The Requirements for Remote Healthcare Jobs?

Check next to each type of remote healthcare job below for more information on what each company requires as far as experience and technical requirements.

Most of these remote healthcare jobs are great for RN’s. Many of the companies that hire for these positions offer telephone triage jobs where nurses take incoming calls looking for medical advice, assessing symptoms, and guiding them to appropriate care.

There are also some companies that hire for nurse case managers that help coordinate care between different facilities for patients. Most of these types of positions require that you be a registered nurse but there are some companies like Health Help that hire for LVN and LPN positions as well. There are also a couple of call center type positions mentioned below as well.


  • AIG–  AIG Travel is an emergency travel assistance company, providing services to insured travelers who suffer illness or injury during their travels. The company hires for remote medical case managers. Must be an experienced RN or paramedic. Sometimes the positions require fluency in another language.  This position monitors the client’s medical condition until the client is cleared for travel. The medical case manager makes decisions to make sure the client is receiving appropriate medical care, or take steps to arrange a medical evacuation to the nearest adequate facility as quickly as appropriate for the medical condition.


  • Anthem– Anthem is a well known health insurance company that hires RN’s for several different remote healthcare jobs. They hire for remote nurse case managers. The duties are performed over the phone but include assessments to identify needs, laying out care management plan, implementing care plan by getting authorizations as needed, and monitoring effectiveness of plan. Qualifications for these remote healthcare jobs includes a BA/BS in a health related field; 3 years of case management experience; or any combination of education and experience, which would provide an equivalent background. The company also hires for remote healthcare educators that are responsible for making phone calls to members who are eligible for telephonic wellness programs and provides coaching to these members based on these programs. Qualifications include a BA/BS in appropriate field of specialization (health educator, public health, nutrition, exercise physiology, RT, SW, or other related field) and 2 years of medical health coaching related experience; or any combination of education and experience, which would provide an equivalent background.


  • Best Doctors– This company helps answer your medical questions and decisions by connecting you with medical experts. The company hires RN’s for these phone positions to act as a telephone triage. They also hire for clinical impact analysts whose job entails measuring the impact of the company’s service lines through case analysis. Qualifications include a RN/ BSN, Life Care Planning certification preferred, experience with writing medical cost projections and some medical coding.


  • Carenet– This company focuses on healthcare education and support. They offer access to RNs 24 hours a day/7 days a week. These positions are called clinical care advisors and they provide care on the phone or online, including assessing needs, and identifying potential health problems. Must have RN license.


  • Cigna– This company is also known as a large health insurance provider and hires for several different remote healthcare jobs. The first position is the customer service advocate and is a work from home position after ten weeks of training so you must be close enough to one of their locations to attend training on site. This position answers customer questions by phone regarding payments, claims, and any other problems they might have. A high school diploma is required and some previous customer service experience. Another remote position the company hires for is RN Health Coach which helps educate and assess customer’s health needs.  Active RN license required for this position. The company also occasionally offers other work from home positions as well.


  • Fonemed– This company specializes in remote health management and hires for remote nurse counselor positions both within the United States and Canada. This position provides customers with help by giving healthcare advice and assisting in healthcare decisions. Three years of previous clinical experience is required.


  • The Hartford Group–  The Hartford Group offers auto, home, and business insurance as well as employee benefits. The employee benefits department is where most of the company’s remote positions exist. This company’s remote customer care representative position helps assist customers with questions regarding disability claims. You must have a high school diploma as well as high speed internet for this position. They also hire for a nurse customer care position that is also remote. This position is responsible for managing customer’s claims by gathering all documentation and deciding on  job modifications or return to work time frame.


  • Triage4Pediatrics– This company hires for pediatric nurses to perform telephone triage giving advice and assisting in medical decisions. Qualifications include RN licensure in the state of Texas with at least 5 years experience in the field of pediatrics.

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Remote Healthcare Jobs

If you are a nurse that loves working in healthcare and helping others then there are plenty of remote healthcare jobs to choose from. If you are fascinated with the medical field but are not a nurse or not interested in the few other options above then one career you may want to look into is medical transcription  Transcribing means you are taking audio files of some sort and transcribing them into a written form.  Medical tarnscriptionists usually work for doctors offices or hospital transcribing doctors notes from an audio file into a document. For more information visit our post on work from home medical transcription.

For other jobs not in the medical field be sure to check our work from home companies resource page.




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