Medical Transcription Work From Home Jobs

Medical Transcription Work From Home Jobs

Medical transcription work from home jobs are a great way to earn money from home. Generally, they do require more experience than most transcription work from home though.  These types of work from home jobs require at the minimum previous experience in transcription with some medical knowledge or previous training within the field. Find out more below on how to get a medical transcription work from home job.

medical transcription work from home jobs


What is medical transcription?

Transcribing means you are taking audio files of some sort and transcribing them into a written form. It is important to remember that transcription is different than data entry. Medical tarnscriptionists usually work for doctors offices or hospital transcribing doctors notes from an audio file into a document. In order to do this you have to have some form of training in medical transcription or in-office experience before the work from home companies will hire you generally.

How do I get hired for medical transcription work from home jobs ?

If you have previous experience or training for transcription then you should have no trouble getting a job, there are so many companies that hire work from home contractors. These jobs are generally in high demand especially if you specialize in medical or legal transcription.  If you have no previous transcription experience or have some experience but not within the medical field you may want to check out our post on “50+ General Transcription Jobs You Can Do From Home”.T here are a lot of courses and programs out there to teach you transcription if you have no experience but many of these are scams or just don’t have very good reviews from previous customers. The only one I usually recommend for those looking to start a transcription career is Transcribe Anywhere. They offer a free mini-course for those interested. They also have a legal transcription free mini-course for those interested in specializing in that, it is even higher in demand.

What companies hire for medical transcription work from home jobs?

Below is the list of companies I know if that hire on a regular basis for medical transcription work from home jobs. The application process with each company varies as well as the pay but in general most transcription companies are very flexible with the number of hours you work each week and which hours you choose to work each day as long as the work gets done. The pay is usually per piece or per minute so in general the faster you are at transcription the more you will make per hour. Visit each website below for more information on that particular company and to apply.


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