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LeapFrog Learn Create & Share Party #LeapFrogParty

I was recently given the opportunity to host a LeapFrog “Learn, Create & Share” Party. My older kids had several LeapFrog products when they were younger that they always enjoyed so I was interested in seeing what new products they had to offer. Because I work from home and often need a little distraction for the kids while i get some work done, I am always interested in finding new toys that I feel are educational as well. Our family does not watch must TV or movies so having something I can feel good about giving the kids to play with while I finish up some work is important to me.The LeapFrog party was a big hit. It was such a nice day outside that we moved the party outside and all of the kids ages two to eleven loved the products. The package I received had;
* One LeapPad learning tablet (the kids like to call this their own Ipad). This came preloaded with Disney-Pixar Cars 2 Ultra eBook, Roly Poly Picnic game, Letter Factory video plus Art Studio., Story Studio and Pet Pad apps. Plus we also received the LeapSchool Reading cartridge game.
* One Tag Reading System along with the Learn to Read Series 1: Short Vowels
* An Interactive World Map to be used with the Tag reader
* We also received coupons, fact sheets and coloring pages to share with our guests


The LeapPad Explorer was a huge hit with all the kids at the party. The age range listed on the package was 4-9 but the two and 3 year olds at the party loved watching the older kids play with it and my two year old even tried out the Art Studio application on it and loved it.


The oldest at our party was my 11 year old and he thought the LeapPad was very cool, especially the camera and video camera that comes on it. It seemed  like a great toy that the kids would not get bored with easily since it came with a variety of things to do on it plus you can always buy more games to add to it.

The Tag Reading system was a big jump from the reading systems I had used with the old LeapFrog My First LeapPad. You can use the Tag reader to read the entire page but you can also run it along a word to read the individual word for those beginning readers trying to sound it out themselves. You can also point to the individual letters and it will name the letters for you. One great thing I liked about the system as compared to the older LeapFrog products I have is that you don’t have to worry about losing any cartridges that go with it.The books and Tag reader were a big hit with all of the younger kids at the party.


My personal favorite from the party though was the Interactive World Map used with the Tag Reader. Again, all ages of kids at the party seemed to enjoy playing with this. It is very simple to use so even the two and three year olds had a blast playing with it all the way up to the older kids. I see this as a product that I will be incorporating into our homeschool studies frequently. When you touch different parts of the map with the Tag it tells you something about that country. It teaches children map skills by learning to locate places on the map. It has a feature where you can “meet” children from other parts of the world and learn things like what they have for breakfast, what kind of music they listen to and how they say hello in their language. We are currently studying Australia in our geography at home so the kids were having fun using the map to find out different fun facts about Australia and I am looking forward to digging this out for our weekly lessons to make Geography more fun.

For more information about the LeapFrog Learn, Create & Share Party or to see more pictures from the party, visit my post at The Maestro Mom.

I received free LeapFrog products in order to host a Learn, Create and Share Party. LeapFrog did not influence my opinions expressed here as a result.


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