Audio Transcription Jobs From Home With

Audio Transcription Jobs From Home With

Audio transcription jobs are one of the many different kinds of transcription work from homeMany stay at home moms are interested in this type of work from home career because it requires no phone work and offers a fairly flexible schedule. One of the companies that hires for these audio transcription jobs is


Who is Rev? is a company that offers  their clients transcription, captioning, and translation services. The company is based in San Francisco but focuses on hiring work from home freelancers for all their positions. Freelancers, once hired, are allowed to work as much as they want or as little as they want making it an incredibly flexible work from home job. If you are new to the idea of audio transcription jobs basically the job entails listening to audio files and turning it into a written document. hires freelancers from all over the world, not just the United States! They have thousands of freelancers working for them and are a reputable company that has been featured on many work from home blogs as well as Forbes magazine.

What will I do for Rev once I am hired? freelancers have a variety of projects they can choose from once hired. Audio transcription jobs captioning jobs, and translation jobs are listed in the project database for freelancers to pick. pays weekly through Paypal and as far as I can tell has a good reputation for paying on time. Feedback is given to freelancers on an ongoing basis so that you can improve your audio transcription skills and improve your speed and quality.  The projects pay different per project but generally the audio transcription jobs pay $.40- $.65 per audio minute. Projects can range from transcribing lectures, interviews, podcasts, and more. The audio content, project, pay, and deadline are all listed upfront so you can decide if it’s a good fit for you and your schedule. Another thing that makes this position flexible is that you do not have to ask for time off. Accounts do not get closed for inactivity, if you need a break from working for several days or weeks you just take the time off and get back to work when you are ready.

How do I get hired to do audio transcription jobs from home?

In order to work for you do not have to have previous transcription experience which makes it one of the more sought after work from home transcription jobs since most of them do require previous transcription experience. You do need to have a mastery of the English language in order to be considered along with your own computer and internet connection. There are no application fees but you must complete a test on the website in order to be considered for employment. The test is designed to evaluate your English skills and your ability to learn transcription skills. Once you have applied and taken the test you should hear back from the company within a week. Apply now at




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