Make Money With Google

Make Money With Google

If you’ve always wondered how you can make money with Google, you aren’t alone. The truth is if you know what to look for and how to make it happen there’s actually good money out there that can be earned. Many people who run websites or blogs may not be away they can make money with Google Adsense. Interest in other options? Visit our post on Google Work From Home.

Make Money With Google


Simple Ways to Make Money With Google

This year, why not set one of your goals to make money with Google by following these simple tips and hacks. The easiest way to make money with Google? Google Adsense! It’s not a new concept by any means but millions of people all around the world earn some sort of income each and every month from it.

Need a few tips and ways to get started making money? Here are some simple ways to make money with Google!

  • Place Ads On Your Website or Blog

It’s seriously as simple as that. And while you’ll need the traffic to your site to start making money with Google Adsense, there are many bloggers and websites that earn a decent income from using that option.

  • Place Ads On Your YouTube Videos

It’s the same concept as placing ads on your blog or website, except now you are going to be earning money when people are watching and interacting with your YouTube videos.

How much money can you make with Google?

Honestly, this will vary. If you have a steady stream of traffic to your site, website or YouTube videos, then your earnings are going to be higher. Since the entire point is to get their ads in front of eyes, the more traffic = the more money earned.

The good news about making money with Google? It’s super easy to get started.

There aren’t any start up fees required and the application process is actually quite simple. Plus, Google makes the experience extremely versatile because you can figure out what size of ads that you want to have running on your site. If you want smaller images, longer images, etc. you can have the creative control to make them look the best on your site. You are completely in control of where you want the ads to run and how many ads you want on your site.  Adsense is a great option to make money with Google for newer bloggers who can not yet qualify for the majority of ad networks that have minimum page view or sessions per month requirements.

And while there are definitely some positives to making money with Google Adsense, there are some negatives as well. It does take quite a bit of traffic to start earning any type of money, so that can be discouraging to some. Another aspect that many people don’t care for is the fact that if someone does click on the ads, it immediately takes that visitor to another website, which means that they are no longer on yours. Google also has complete control over their Adsense program and everything regarding that, so they have the right to cancel or terminate it at any point in time if any of their rules are violated or broken.

Just as with any company, you need to make certain that you are reading all the rules that you need to abide to make money with Google. If you have this mindset in the beginning, it will make the entire process easier in the long run. Why take the chance of having your income stream cancelled suddenly just because you failed to read the rules? Make sure you do not click on the ads yourself in an attempt to generate income but Google will know and close your account, often for good.

How to Make Money With Google Adsense

If you decide you want to give this a try the process is fairly simple.  In order to be eligible you must have your own website that has been active for at least six months and comply with the Adsense program policies.   Follow these directions to apply to make money with Google. This will create an Adsense account so you can get started. Once your account is  created you can sign into your Adsense account and connect your website to your Adsense account and add a payment address and a phone number in order to get activated. After your Adsense account is activated you can start to add ads to your site.

Some different terms you need to understand once you have ads set up to make money with Google include CTR and CPC. CPC stands for cost per click. These types of ads pay each time they are click on. There are a lot of variables that determine exactly how much you get paid per click.  CTR stands for click through rate. This percentage gives you an idea of the number of people who click through to the ads out of everyone who visits your site.  You do have some control over your CTR and there are a lot of things you can do to improve it when needed.  Another term you need to be familiar with is RPM which is how much revenue your site earns per 1000 impressions.

Some tips to help you earn more money with ads including placing your ads “above the fold” meaning they appear on your website when it loads without the need to scroll down. Test our different locations and different types of ads to see which ones work best for your specific site.

Google pays each month if you meet the minimum $100 payout requirement. As with any type of money making option, do your own research as well to see if making money with Google is the right option for you. The great part about starting to monetize your online presence is that it could open the door for a lot of other varying money opportunities as well. You never know, monetizing with Google Adsense may be the best decision you could ever make for you online business.

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