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Online Math Instructor Needed

Online Math InstructorVideo Solutions is hiring an online math instructor that can work from home.

Responsibilities: Record ~2 minute videos explaining how to solve given high school math problems in the simplest ways. Teracle will provide a wireless touchpad, a digital stylus, and a headset for the hired instructors to easily record videos online. For each problem, understand the purpose, the approach, and the steps of solving the problem. Send in the videos for the assigned unit on time to get a full compensation.

Compensation: $2.50/video

3+ years of experience in teaching middle school and high school math.
Fluent in English.
Fully understand Geometry and Algebra 1 & 2.
Masters/Bachelors in math or related studies.
Ability to create videos online.

Required experience:

  • Teaching math: 3 years

To apply, visit the original job posting.

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