Work From Home Transcription Jobs That Pay $25 an Hour or More

Work From Home Transcription Jobs That Pay $25 an Hour or More

Work from home transcription jobs are one of the most sought after work from home careers.  They offer flexibility as far as working whatever hours you want during the day as long as you complete your workload and they require no phone work like many other work from home jobs. Transcription work from home  positions are a great option for stay at home moms who need a flexible non-phone job.

Work from Home Transcription Jobs with TranscribeMe and Get Paid Up to $25 an Hour or More


TranscribeMe is one of many companies that offer work from home transcription jobs and one that I have heard transcribers are able to make $25 an hour or more. If you think transcription sounds like a good option for your lifestyle this is definitely one of the companies you should apply with. Remember, many of this transcription companies have wait lists because they are so popular with those looking for jobs from home so you may want to apply with multiple companies if you need something soon. You can see more  companies that hire at 100+ Transcription Work From Home Jobs. Many transcription companies only hire transcribers that either have previous experience or have been through some type of training program. Fortunately TranscribeMe is one of the companies that does not require previous experience. Of course if you do have previous experience or have been through a training program you are probably more likely to get hired over those who have not.  There are a lot of  transcription courses out there if you have no experience but many of these are scams or just don’t have very good reviews from previous customers. The only one I usually recommend for those looking to start a transcription career is Transcribe Anywhere. They offer a free mini-course for those interested. Many general transcribers once they have experience move on to medical or legal transcription because those jobs tend to pay more and are in much higher demand. Transcribe Anywhere also has a legal transcription free mini-course for those interested in specializing in that.  For now if you want to start applying to TranscribeMe, read on to find out more. The company does pay transcribers who are specialized in medical or legal a higher hour;y rate.

Who is TranscribeMe?

TranscribeMe is a transcription company that focuses on businesses, contact centers, medical centers, research organizations, translation services, and educational companies. If you are new to transcription entirely you may be wondering what exactly transcription even is. Basically, it is taking audio files and translating them into written form. So the job of a transcriber is listening to these files which could be general transcription files like conference calls or seminars or it could be something more specialized like medical files from a doctor’s surgical notes and turning it into written notes. If you have never done transcription before it will take some time to get used to it but if you are a fast, accurate typist you should pick it up fairly quickly and be able to make a good hourly wage.

What are work from home transcription jobs like once I am hired?

Once hired your job as a transcriber includes choosing assignments to work on, listening to those audio files, turning them into an accurate written form. Sounds easy right? Most  audio clips are only 1-2 minutes long so it is easy to jump on during your kid’s nap time and get some tasks done and not be in the middle of a big project when they wake up. Because their system is available 24/7 you can really log on and work whenever you want whether it is early in the morning or late at night which also makes it ideal for those that need a second income working around their regular job hours. Once you have transcribed an assignment your transcription will go through QA and a final review before going back to the customer. This allows you to get feedback on your transcription when you first get started.


How do I get hired with TranscribeMe?

In order to get hired with TranscribeMe you must have reliable high speed internet and your own computer which can be a laptop or desktop. They also suggest a good pair of headphones that will make it easier to listen to the audio files. Unlike many transcription companies you do not have to invest in a foot pedal or software. There are no fees involved in applying with this company as there should never be when applying for a work from home position. The first step in getting hired is creating an account on the TranscribeMe site.  After this you will complete a training course and take an exam. If you pass the exam you may be hired immediately or there may be a wait list before you can begin working. Once hired you can log in and work whenever you like as long as their are assignments available. You can work as little or as much as you would like. TranscribeMe pays per audio hour so the faster you are at trancription the more you will make. If you are unable to pass the test the first time you can review the guidelines and try again but there are a limited number of attempts per account.

If you have worked for TranscribeMe and have feedback regarding the process or working for the company in general we would love to hear from you.

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Good luck and as always, please email me with any questions about this or any other work from home transcription jobs!

This post may contain affiliate links but I never recommend any products or websites I do not truly believe in.


Alaina Forbes

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