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Remote Customer Service Agents Needed

StarTek is currently hiring remote customer service agents.
Customer Service Agent

Job Department: Customer Service
Salary: $9.00/hour
City: Work from Home
State/Province: OH
Zip/Postal Code:
Country: United States
Duration: Full Time

StarTek currently has professional opportunities for Customer Service Agents Working from Home.

Working from home has many advantages such as saving traditional work expenses of transportation and auto maintenance, commute time, business clothes, outside lunches, and lower personal productivity.

What is a Work from Home Customer Service Agent?
A Home Based Customer Service Agent is someone who works from their home office responding to customer inquires gathering, entering and confirming customer information, answering live customer questions via phone, resolving issues, providing customer care, engaging in live chat, responding to email, and handling sales calls with customers.

Why StarTek?

It’s not WHAT we do that makes StarTek different; but rather, HOW we do it. We are able to deliver award-winning quality results through our people, processes, and passion. When you succeed, we succeed. We foster a culture of “recognizing possibilities”. In our talent search this means we take the time to look for individuals who have a heart for customer service, a promise of employee contribution, and the potential to grow with our company. When you come on board, we then provide you with a full employee development program to include ongoing paid training, coaching, mentoring, and leadership experiences to help you reach your StarTek possibility with ease.

Because more and more of the world’s largest and best known companies are asking us to help them provide world class customer care services. StarTek’s state-of-the-art inbound customer call centers and expert staff bring communications and professionalism to a whole new level.

Requirements to be a Work from Home Customer Service Agent:
# Fluent in English
# Reliable
# Friendly (smiling voice)
# Mature
# Self-starter and disciplined; not easily distracted while working at home
# Professional phone presence
# Strong work ethic
# Self-motivated
# Ability to multitask (Talking to clients while toggling between multiple browser screens)
# Self-sufficient in solving problem with minimal assistance
# Ability to work unsupervised
# Flexible availability to meet client demands
# Must be willing to purchase a call center grade phone and headset

Job Duties and Expectations:
# Responds to customer inquiries regarding billing, and/or changes to account information taken via telephone.
# Utilizes computer/on-line guidelines in responding to customer inquiries.
# Informs customers about services available and assesses customer needs.
# Completes, processes, and maintains applicable paperwork and records.
# Gathers information, researches/resolves inquiries and logs customer calls.
# Handles disgruntled and dissatisfied customers in a courteous and professional manner.
# Strives to resolve customer issues on the first call without having to transfer callers.
# Follows escalation procedures as needed.

Equipment Requirement to be a Work from Home Customer Service Agent
# Quiet working home office environment (with closed door) free from noise and interruptions
# Call Center Grade Phone and Headset
# Landline Phone – No VOIP or Cell Phone
# A high speed Internet connection (hard-wired such as DSL or Cable – no wireless or satellite)
# Reliable updated computer meeting the requirements below:

Computer Requirements
# Operating System: Windows XP or Window Vista
# Web Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer or higher
# Maximum Screen Resolution: Minimum 1024X768
# Sound Card
# Optical Drive (CD/DVD)
# Windows Automatic Update Enabled
# Number of USB Ports: Minimum 1
# RAM Internal: Minimum 0.8 GB
# Upload Speed: Minimum 410kbps
# Download Speed: Minimum 1200
# Hard Drive Speed: Minimum 20GB
# Hard Drive Free Space: minimum 5GB
# Processor Frequency: Minimum 1600MHz

Please note that this is a permanent posting and is used to gather applicants for current and future openings. Your application may be placed on hold pending additional business needs. Once new openings are available we may contact you.

Required Skills:
Must have at least 1 year (preferably 2-5 years) of customer service experience (preferably call center experience)

High School Graduate or GED required. Associates’ degree (AA) from a two-year college or university or equivalent combination of education and experience preferred
Visit the StarTek website here to apply.

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