Enjoy teaching others but want to work from home? There is an abundance of ways you can work at home as an online tutor. If teaching is not for you, find other ways to work from home on the work at home companies page.

work at home as an online tutor

Retired teachers, active teachers with the need for a second income, or anyone with a passion and knowledge for a specific subject can work at home as an online tutor.

What do online tutors do?

Online tutors operate just like regular tutors that you would hire locally. They help students study or improve in a certain subject. The only difference is that online tutors can be located anywhere in the world and interact with their students online in some manner. Tutors usually work one-on-one with students in whatever area of study that the student needs assistance. There are also many online teaching positions but these positions are usually different in that a teachers offers instruction to a group of students online. Some online tutors use a basic computer tool such as Skype to see their student while tutoring. Other online tutors use tools designed specifically for this purpose to interact in a variety of ways.

What are the requirements to work at home as an online tutor?

Online tutors can operate a number of different ways. They may choose to start their own business and advertise through their own website. If this is the case, they may decide to tutor in subjects they are knowledgeable and passionate about but may not necessarily have any formal education in. Most online tutors however, choose to operate through one of the many companies that hire tutors to work from home. Each of these companies hold different requirements in order to be hired. Many of them require any four year college degree while others only hire those with a teaching degree. All of the online tutoring companies require you to have your own computer and high speed internet.

What can I expect from working as an online tutor?

Most of the companies that hire you to work from home as an online tutor bring you on as freelancers, not an employee. This means that you will report your own company just as if you were self-employed.  Once hired, you would specify the hours you are available for tutoring each week. Some of the companies use your availability and expertise to match you with students and assign you to who you will be tutoring. Other companies simply list you and your expertise in their database of tutors allowing students that come to the website needing a tutor to choose for themselves who they will work with.  Pay varies greatly based on your knowledge and expertise. Elementary level subjects obviously will not pay as well as college level subjects.

What companies hire online tutors?




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