Telecommuting Jobs That Pay More Than $12 an Hour

Telecommuting Jobs That Pay More Than $12 an Hour

Think all telecommuting jobs don’t pay much? Check out these telecommuting jobs that pay more than $12 an hour.

Telecommuting Jobs That Pay More Than $12 an Hour

Work From Home Jobs That Pay More Than $12 An Hour

Search Engine Evaluation and Ad Quality Rater Companies

Work for the search engines helping them add a human element to search engine results allowing users to get the most relevant results possible.

Virtual Call Center/Sales Companies

These positions are customer service or sales oriented customer service jobs. Be sure to research each company before applying. Some are only incoming customer service based calls and others are much more sales oriented. Also, some might pay per hour only and others may be more commission based.

  • Apple-This is actually a chat position for Apple.
  • Bloom -Pay is usually around $15 an hour for their season customer service positions.
  • Hilton– Customer service positions for this hotel chain pay around $12 an hour.
  • Blue Zebra– This is business to business cold calling that pays around $15 an hour or more
  • OnPoint Advocacy– Political outreach calls pay around $12 an hour.
  • Brighton Communications– Cold calling sales that pays around $15 an hour.
  • Extended Presence– Telemarketers that get paid around $12 an hour
  • Enterprise– Customer service positions for this rental car company pays $12 an hour
  • LiveOps– This virtual call center company has some clients that pay $12 an hour or more.

Tutoring/Scoring Essays

Many of the tutoring companies now hire tutors to work from home. This is a great job especially for someone with a teaching background but really for anyone with a college degree. The other companies listed below work with standardized testing companies and use people working online to grade the essay or handwritten portion of the tests.

Accounting and Bookkeeping Jobs



Do you know of other telecommuting jobs that pay more than $12 an hour? Comment below.

Another place to check for high paying jobs is FlexJobs. It does require a subscription to their website but in my opinion is worth it.

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