Work at Home Call Center Agent

work at home call center agent

Work at Home Call Center Agent

Work at home call center agent jobs are some of the most common positions you see in the remote job world. Years ago companies realized that by allowing their call center agents to work from home or by contracting with a virtual call center company they could save a lot of money. Since then virtual call center companies have been growing in number every year.

work at home call center agent

This particular position is with a company called Xact Solutions. They are currently hiring for work at home call center agent positions. You must reside in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Maine, Maryland, Tennessee, or Texas for this particular position. If you do not reside in on of those states don’t worry, there are plenty of other companies that hire for these types of call center jobs. Check out our list of 60+ Virtual Call Center Companies.

Who is XACT Solutions?

XACT is a provider of contact solutions including phone, email, and chat services. They were one of the companies to early on start using the work from home model in the early 2000’s. The company’s headquarters are based in Orlando, Florida. Other services they offer are telephone answering services, service and support dispatch, and outbound surveys.

The company contracts with a wide variety of types of businesses to handle their customer support. Once you are hired you would be trained on the specific client that you would be handling customer service for.

What Does a Work at Home Call Center Agent Do?

In general, call center agents provide customer service either for the company they work for or for a third party company they are contracted with. XACT Solutions is a company that contracts with other businesses to handle their customer service needs so you could be working with a wide variety of clients if you are hired.

Some companies require both customer service and sales. Most call center companies route incoming calls to your home phone but some companies also require you to make outgoing phone calls as well. Be sure to check with each individual company before applying to see what to expect.

Text chat operator jobs from home are another type of customer service position that have been growing in number where you offer customers help through a chat feature on the company website. If you prefer a non-phone based job in customer service then check out that post.

As the chat features on websites grow in popularity many work at home call centers have turned to offering multiple ways customers can connect with them for customer service including phone, email, and chat. This position with XACT Solutions includes all three of these.

An Inbound Customer Care Professional with XACT is responsible fortaking inbound telephone calls, internet chat requests and inbound email requests.

How Do I Get Hired For a Work at Home Call Center Agent Job With XACT Solutions?

The requirements for this specific position are listed below from the company website. To start the application process you can visit the XACT Solutions career site to apply. Look for the XACT@HOME position to apply.


  • Must speak English fluently.
  • Be able to type 40 words per minute or greater;
  • Have a high speed DSL or cable connection, rated 5 MB down, 384k up (minimum), 10+ MB down and 512k up (preferred)
  • A dedicated home office space, which is free from distraction, and with a door that can be closed and locked. We will ask you to provide a picture of this space. 
  • A personal computer running Windows 10 with 4 GB of RAM and 2.0 GHZ processor (minimum), 4GB of RAM and Dual Core Processor (recommended).
  • A 19″ flat panel monitor (minimum), multiple displays recommended and preferred.
  • A webcam, for training, compliance and collaboration purposes.
  • Wired networking connection (wireless is not permitted).
  • Laptops are not eligible for the work-at-home agent program.
  • You will be required to submit visual proof of your work-at-home environment by providing pictures of your workspace. Your workspace must be a dedicated working environment with a lockable door that is used exclusively by you.
  • An approved-brand USB headset for VOIP.
  • Hired agents will be responsible for purchasing a brand recommended USB headset (a list is available from recruitment), approximate price is $40.
  • Must be able to sit for extended periods of time in a chair.


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