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Work from Home Teachers Needed

For those of you not familiar with Connections Academy, they offer “public school at home” which basically means they offer a way to homeschool your child but through the public school system where they have assigned work each day they do online and they have a public school teacher assigned to them. The teachers from Connections Academy work from home generally and right now Connections Academy is doing some hiring. All of the positions work from home but some of them you can work from home anywhere and others you work from home but you still need to be in the general area of the position to meet with students when necessary. Below are the teaching positions currently posted for working from home anywhere. Check the job site here for other teaching positions in your area.
Language Arts Secondary Support Teacher- Anywhere
Virtual Tutor-Anywhere

Substitute Teacher- Anywhere
Secondary Math Support Teacher-Anywhere
Elem. Support Teacher-Anywhere
Secondary Science Teacher-Anywhere

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