17 Legal Transcription Jobs to Start Your Work From Home Career

17 Legal Transcription Jobs to Start Your Work From Home Career

Legal transcription jobs offer a great work from home career option. Transcription work from home in general is a great fit for many stay at home moms looking for a non-phone, non-customer service based job. General transcription jobs pay really well if you are a fast transcriber and there are even a few companies that hire without experience but legal transcription jobs require more of a specialty and usually require experience or training but in exchange they usually pay very well in comparison.

Legal Transcription Jobs



Legal Transcription Jobs

When many people start looking for a work from home job a lot of the jobs they find are phone based and do not pay very well. Transcription jobs are an answer to that problem because they offer a way to make more than minimum wage and a way to work from home without a phone job where you need to work specific shifts and have a quiet work background. Transcription jobs are flexible, well paying, and offer a lot of opportunity for growth.

What is transcription?

Transcription is a work from home career that entails taking an audio file and translating it into a written form. These can be all kinds of audio files from voicemails, sound files, doctor’s notes, or court proceedings. In the case of legal transcription jobs these are usually confined specifically to the legal profession. These means transcribing for private law firms, paralegals, courts, and federal agencies.

Transcription used to be a lot different requiring the transcriber to be on location and use short hand to take notes as to what they are hearing. Now, usually audio files are sent electronically to transcribers who either work in an office or from home. Transcribers working from home listen to the audio files using a headset and type as they listen. Many transcription companies also require a foot pedal that allows the transcriber to pause recordings while listening while still typing. Obviously transcribers need to have accurate spelling and grammar skills.

How do I get a legal transcription job?

Many people wonder how to get transcription work from home jobs.  If you are a fast typist there are a couple of transcription companies that will hire  inexperienced transcribers to do general transcription. Transcriptions jobs are a great opportunity for working from home but much more difficult to get unless you have previous transcription experience or training.

If you have previous experience or training for transcription then you should have no trouble getting a job, there are so many companies that hire work from home contractors. These jobs are generally in high demand especially if you specialize in medical or legal transcription.

There are technically no degrees for legal transcription but many community colleges offer training courses. Many transcribers who have experience in general transcription can receive training on site from a legal office. If you already have experience as a legal transcriptionist then you should have no problem finding a job with one of the companies that hire work from home transcribers.

If you have no experience at all in transcription then you should probably either stick to applying to the general transcription jobs or pursue some kind of training. Because these positions often pay higher than the general transcription jobs, it is often worth it to do this. There are a lot of courses and programs out there to teach you transcription but many of these are scams or just don’t have very good reviews from previous customers. The only one I usually recommend for those looking to start a transcription career is Transcribe Anywhere.They have a legal transcription free mini-course for those interested.

Many transcription jobs allow you to make your own hours. After applying for a position most companies will conduct some kind of interview but also ask you to take a  test to display your transcription skills or, at the very least, your ability to understand how transcription works.

What companies hire for transcription work from home jobs?
















  • Ubiqus (multiple types)


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