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ACD Direct hiring customer service reps from home

ACD Direct is hiring again. I have mentioned them before and used to work for them. They are a great company and very family friendly. For those of you that have worked other phone jobs with upsells or telemarketing, this is a nice change of pace. Basically the job entails taking incoming calls for PBS stations to accept donations. Here are some of the requirements.
Minimum 6 months formal call taking experience (preferably call center related)
* Ability to muli-task in an ever-changing environment
* Ability to communicate effectively and professionally with verbal and written communications.
* Ability to adapt quickly to a multi-client environment
* Ability to retain and apply information in a multi-client environment
* Ability to adhere to and maintain a self structured work schedule
* Ability to implement and maintain self preparation skills
* Ability to multitask in fast paced situations
* Ability to control a call situation and direct callers to the purpose of the call
* Pleasant phone voice and effective telephone communication skills are a MUST
* Strong Attention to Detail is a MUST
* Strong Listening Skills are a MUST

Minimum PC Requirements:

* Standard telephone line or Hard Wired VOIP with absolutely no features. (Two phone lines recommended. One for personal use and one for business use.)
* Cable or DSL Internet Service accessed via modem. (256K minimum) Wireless/Satellite connectivity is not accepted.
* Corded phone
* Corded noise canceling headset with mute feature
* Windows 2000, Windows Vista or Windows XP operating system PC compatible computer system. Windows 7 is acceptable.
* Minimum PIII 800mhz and 512 MB RAM
(Windows 2000 or XP operating systems) 2GB (Windows Vista)
* Anti-virus software
* Spy-ware software
* Computer Microphone and speakers (or headset containing both): This is required BEFORE you schedule your interview.
* Professional workspace equipped with a Desk and a Chair free of noise and distractions.
* Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher. This is the only web browser that is compatible with our systems and programs.

If you are interested apply online at: Contact Center Solutions – ACD Direct, Inc.54 (


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