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Best Money Earning Apps: Top 11 Ways to Make Money With Your Phone

Best Money Making App

Would you like to make income with your smartphone? But what is the best money earning appResearch shows that 79% of those who use smart-phones spend more than 22 hours with them. But what is the best money making app?  Many mobiles app developers are trying to attract users, and some pay their customers when they use their programs. Other companies pay people to do activities, e.g., shopping online, watching videos, reading emails and playing games using specific smart-phone applications.

There is so much competition between different firms. Other companies have also created ways to reach their customers. They have left the traditional methods of advertising. They reach out to customers in ways that favor web and app developers and anyone who would like to make extra money. Below are eight ways of making income using your smartphone.

Best Money Making App


Best Money Earning App for Tasks-Field agent    

You can make money on Field agent through completing different tasks such as checking display compliance, demo and shelf availability. You can be paid anything between $3 to $12 per job via PayPal. This agent works with brands like Target, Tyson, The New York Times and Hershey’s. Only citizens from Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Romania, Mexico and South Africa are eligible for this program.

Gig Walk

Gigwalk has tasks such as verifying street signs, roads, transportation options and street signs. Gigwalk is available in various cities in the US.


Swagbucks is a unique online platform where you can earn by getting points called SB. These points are redeemed for coupons, gift cards, and sweepstake entries. Swagbucks have a smartphone app for Android and iPhone operating system. You can watch videos, complete offers, surf the web toolbar and answer questions to earn on Swagbucks. You can increase your earnings when you refer your friends. You can use SB points to get Amazon gift cards. You can also trade them on Paypal, Target, and Starbucks. This program is for Australia, US, UK, Canada and Ireland citizens.


Earn money from Checkpoints by watching videos, scanning barcodes, taking quizzes, scanning the web and completing offers. You can get points after doing the tasks and trade them in gift cards from Target, Amazon, and Walmart. You can earn entries to their giveaways as well. This program is open for US citizens only.

Easy shift

Easy Shift is an application that you can use to earn money through completing shifts. Shifts involve checking if a product is in stock, checking prices and taking pictures of a store display. They make payment through Paypal once you complete the shifts successfully. You can earn $2 to $20 per task within 48 hours of submitting work.


If you like selling fashion items, this app could help you make some backs. You can use it to sell women’s shoes, handbags, and other accessories. You can download this app on your iPhone then register an account and take photos of the items you would like to sell.

If you sell an item, print a pre-paid, pre-addressed shipping label and send your item. Once the buyer gets the item, they will deposit 80% of the selling price in your account. Buyers make their payments by check or direct deposit. Poshmark is available in the United States.


Apart from Poshmark, you can sell items on eBay. You can use the eBay app to list items that you are selling.


Do you have valuable items that you no longer use? You can sell them through Letgo. This is a free app for reselling your unwanted stuff. However, if you want your item to gain better exposure, you can purchase better Letgo apps.

Best Money Earning App for Shopping-Ibotta

Ibotta saves you money when you shop but instead of taking money off of items you buy, this app pays you money for buying certain items.  Before going shopping, check the app for the store you are heading to.Find items you plan on buying and complete simple tasks such as watching a short video to earn money back on that product. Buy the items at the store and verify you are selecting the correct products by scanning the barcodes. Submit a photo of your receipt through your Ibotta app.


Link up your credit and debit cards and when you make a qualified purchase you earn points. These points can be redeemed for gift cards for retailers like Amazon and Starbucks.


Download this app and you can earn money just for walking into stores. If you want to earn even more points you can scan certain items while you are in the store. These points can be redeemed for a large number of retail stores.

Turn your Smartphone into a money-making machine by either performing tasks, shopping online, selling and watching videos. The amount you can earn depends on your location and skills. Each program has restrictions on the areas they allow people to register and work.

This post may contain affiliate links but I never recommend products or services I do not truly believe in.

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