Make Money With The Ibotta App

make money with ibotta app

Make Money With The Ibotta App

There are several different money making apps that can help you earn extra cash from home. One of my favorites is Ibotta. Similar to coupons, Ibotta saves you money when you shop but instead of taking money off of items you buy, this app pays you money for buying certain items. Here are the steps you should take to make money with the Ibotta app.

Make Money Shopping With the Ibotta App

  1. Sign up for an Ibotta account online
  2. After signing upĀ  you can use Ibotta to shop online and earn cash back, similar to a rebate, by completing simple tasks.
  3. Next, download the app onto your iphone or android.
  4. Before going shopping, check the app for the store you are heading to.
  5. Find items you plan on buying and complete simple tasks such as watching a short video to earn money back on that product.
  6. Buy the items at the store and verify you are selecting the correct products by scanning the barcodes.
  7. Submit a photo of your receipt through your Ibotta app.
  8. You can also earn money by linking your store loyalty cards to your Ibotta account by choosing one of the partnering stores and entering your loyalty card information.
  9. Unlock cash back rewards through the app and then be sure to use your loyalty information at checkout on your visit.
  10. Either way you use the Ibotta app, cash will be deposited into your account within 48 hours.

Alaina Forbes

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