Search Engine Evaluator

Work from home as an internet search engine evaluator

Search Engine Evaluator

Appen is once again hiring for their search engine evaluator position. This position is similar to the other Google work from home positions we have posted about in the past.

Work from home as a search engine evaluator


Who is Appen?

Appen is a global company that hires practically around the world. They are a leader in speech and search technology services. They work with companies in the following areas:

  • Search Engine Evaluation
  • Social Media Personalization
  • Query and/or Product Classification
  • Text Analytics
  • Machine Learning Support
  • Linguistic Consultation
  • Semantic Annotation
  • Speech Data Collection, Transcription and Annotation
  • Image, Text, Video Data Collection and Annotation
  • Natural Language Understanding
  • Translation and Localization

The position they hire most often for working from home is the search engine evaluator  and social media evaluator positions.

What does this search engine evaluator position entail?

Search Engine Evaluators will review and evaluate internet search results based on specific search terms and provide a rating depending on the relevance of the search result to the search term. The evaluation work is done using an online automated tool that you will be trained on.

Google and other search engines use a algorithm to decide on how relative a website is to your search and the quality of the website to determine how to rank the search results that show up when you perform an online search. Because not everything can be evaluated by an algorithm this position adds a human element to search engine results by helping tell the search engines what results are really the most helpful in each search.

Social media evaluators work to improve the relevance and accuracy of a major social media platform.  Adding a human element helps the client’s machine learning capabilities and improves future results for users.

For this project the company looks for people with online daily social media use i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. For most projects, a search engine evaluator will be allowed the flexibility to choose the hours you wish to work each day. Different projects have different hourly requirements, ranging from 12 to 22 hours per week. The website used to perform your work is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so this offers a lot of flexibility as

How do I get hired as a search engine evaluator?

You can view open positions including the search engine evaluator position at Appen. After applying it may take a while to hear back from the company. When you do hear back you will be required to pass an online test to prove you understand the concepts behind these positions before being hired.

There are no fees involved. Here is more info from the Appen website on what they look for when hiring a search engine evaluator.

You Might Fit This Role If:

• You are looking for a flexible work opportunity where you contribute to projects and grow your skills

• You are an active and engaged user on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram

• You enjoy working independently • You want to do internet-based work from home

Work Schedule:

• Social Media Evaluator positions are part-time (up to 20 hours per week) and highly flexible

• The usual position requires 1-4 hours of work per day, 5-7 days a week

Minimum Qualifications:

• Currently living in and legally permitted to work in the United States

• Access to a computer with a sound card and speakers, and/ or access to a smart phone that is less than three years old

• Access to a secure high speed internet connection and quiet non-public workspace

• Good English writing skills • Ability to work with applications, troubleshoot software, and execute instructions independently

Among the more popular companies that hire for similar positions are Lionbridge, Leapforce, and Google. To find other kinds of companies that hire regularly visit the work at home companies page. For other positions similar to this you can try FlexJobs. Every job listing is hand screened and 100% verified.  This post may contain affiliate links but I only share work from home information I believe valuable to my readers.

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