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Online Jobs Paying $16 an Hour or More

While there may be an abundance of online jobs available these days, some of them may just not be worth your time and energy. Everyone has to find the work at home option that fits their needs and their specific lifestyle. For some that might be a work at home business that starts by making nothing but has the potential to grow. For others it might be that you need an online job paying $16 an hour or more in order for it to be worth your time and to have guaranteed income.

Online Jobs

Online Jobs Paying $16 an Hour or More

10UP- This web development company hires for online jobs such as web designers, developers, and engineers.

A Pass Educational Group- Hires subject experts to work from home and pays $20-$30 an hour

American Express– American Express hires work at home customer service agents. Basically, you answer incoming phone calls routed to your home line and help customers with customer service issues. The pay starts at $16 an hour but can go much higher.

American Journal Experts-Sometimes has openings for online jobs as translators and editors that pay around $20 an hour

Art Logic– This company occasionally hires for coding positions that are remote work at home jobs
Belay Solutions– hires virtual assistants to work from home and starts pay at $18 an hour
Boldly– This company operates as a staffing agency but usually has some high paying online jobs they are currently hiring for including virtual assistant positions or social media jobs.
Book in a Box– Hires remote proofreaders and editors. Pay varies but usually around $16 an hour

Blue Zebra Appointment– This position is very sales oriented. Some of the sales focused virtual call centers take incoming phone calls that are sales based but agents for Blue Zebra make outgoing cold calls to schedule appointments so you must be comfortable and have experience in sales for these online jobs. It is very commission based but agents report that it is possible to make up to $20 an hour.

Brighton Communications– This is a telemarketing position so you must be good at sales. Pay can be up to $18 an hour but part of that is commission based.

Buffer- This company is a social media scheduling platform that hires remote workers for a number of positions including web developers, engineers, and  customer service agents. Some of the positions pay more than $16 an hour.

Chegg –This company hires online tutors and pays $20 an hour for these online jobs.

CircleLink Health– This company hires registered health practitioners to work from home

Contract World-This website operates as a hiring agency for many of the online jobs out there for virtual call center positions. You can look through their current job listings to find which companies are paying $16 an hour or more.

Github-This software company hires for remote positions and most of the online jobs pay $20 an hour or more.

Humana- This healthcare company hires customer service associates to take incoming phone calls and the pay is between $16-$18 an hour

InDemand Interpreting-Hires medical interpreters to help translate between medical providers and patients who speak another language or need a sign language interpreter.

Language Services Associates- Hires remote translators and interpretors for around $20 an hour

Magoosh- This company helps students prepare for standardized tests and hires people for online jobs tutoring students in preparation for these tests. Pay is $20-$25 an hour..

Manhattan Prep-Hires online tutors to work from home teaching different subjects including tutoring for standardized testing

NexRep– This company operates as a virtual call center for both customer service and sales based opportunities.  Some of the sales based positions operate on commission and can make up to $18 an hour. Be sure to verify which clients you will be working with and how much the pay is before accepting these online jobs.

NThrive– Hires remote medical coders and pays between $20-$30 an hour

Pleio– This company works to help get people on a good routine for taking their medication. The agents working for Pleio assist with this by making outgoing phone calls to patients. Agents must have five years of customer service experience. The Pay range is around $15-$18 an hour.

Resume Edge– This company hires for technical writing jobs and resume writing and pays over $16 an hour usually

Revolution PrepHires for online tutors to teach a variety of subjects as well as test prep

Rosetta Stone– Teaches language online and hires people for online jobs as language coaches. Pay is around $16-$17 an hour

SitePen– This company hires for web design and tech help positions which start around $20 an hour

VIPKid-This company also hires tutors for a variety of grades and subjects to work online

Working Solutions– This company operates as a virtual call center with a wide variety of clients. Some of their clients pay as high as $25 an hour while others pay much lower so be sure to ask the specifics of your position before accepting a job.

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