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Get Paid for Your Junk Mail

Everyone gets junk mail, right? Why not get paid for your junk mail. This is not what I would consider a work from home job, but more of a way to make extra cash on the side. Here are several different ways you can get paid for your junk mail. SBK Center conducts a type of …

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make money with ibotta app

Make Money With The Ibotta App

There are several different money making apps that can help you earn extra cash from home. One of my favorites is Ibotta. Similar to coupons, Ibotta saves you money when you shop but instead of taking money off of items you buy, this app pays you money for buying certain items. Here are the steps …

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Making Money with Ebates

Probably like most moms, the amount of online shopping I do now compared to before I had kids has increased exponentially with each kid. If I can have something delivered to my door for a good price rather than hauling five kids to a store then it gets delivered. If I am going to do …

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Cha Cha Guide

I have heard a rumor that Cha Cha is hiring once again. This company is similar to KGB that I posted about previously. They hire people to work from home answering questions sent in via text messaging. They have their guides divided up into several different areas. You can be a general guide, a specialist …

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KGB Special Agent

Have you ever considered being a special agent for KGB? It sounds very mysterious and involving lots of exciting espionage but it’s really a work-from-home job. KGB is a service that is offered where you can text questions in to their special agents and the answers will be sent back. Some of the questions may …

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