Work From Home Without Investment

Many people start their work from home job search and end up discouraged by all the start up fees out there for businesses or the scams they come across asking for money. What many people want is to find work from home without investment costs. Don’t worry there are plenty to choose from.

Work From Home Without Investment


Finding a work from home job can be hard enough but finding one that has no start up costs can be even harder. If you have an idea of what type of work from home job you are looking for check out the categories below to find companies with no fees involved.

Work From Home Without Investment Businesses

Unfortunately there really are not any work from home businesses that you can say are completely without investment. Just like if you were starting a regular business from scratch there are costs involved. If you are joining a direct sales business from home they usually have start up fees. If you are starting your own work from home business then there will at least be some basic costs of building a website, website hosting, and whatever type of marketing you decide to do. You may also need equipment, supplies, or inventory depending on the type of business.

Work From Home Without Investment Virtual Call Center Companies

Virtual call center companies are one of the easiest jobs to get when you are first starting your work from home journey. All of the companies require you to have your own computer or laptop to use as well as high speed internet. They also require you to have a phone. Some require a landline phone and a hands free headset and some are not as particular about what kind of phone you have. Assuming you already have all of these there are some work from home without investment jobs available. Many of these types of companies hire you as an independent contractor. By doing that they can require you to pay for your own background and drug test in order to get hired so many of these companies would have those types of fees to get started but these fees should be very minimal. If you are strictly looking for the virtual call center companies that absolutely have no fees involved (unless you need to purchase equipment discussed) then check out these companies.

  • Apple has no fees involved and will provide you with the equipment needed.
  • Aspire Lifestyles hires home based concierges
  • Blooms Today hires people to take flower orders from home
  • Concentrix uses at home customer service agents that work from home without investment
  • On Point At Home hires for work from home virtual call center agents to make political related calls
  • Support hires tech agents to work from home
  • Teletech hires virtual call center companies. They do require a background and drug test but they cover the costs.

Work From Home Without Investment Transcription Companies

Transcription companies generally require you to have a computer and a foot pedal. A foot pedal is generally not something most people have so that would be one purchase you would probably have to make. So transcription companies would probably generally not be the type of job that would be completely without fees but besides that purchase most of the companies do not have any start up fees. Here are some to check out.

Work From Home Without Investment Data Entry Jobs

Data entry companies that hire people to work from home will require that you already have a computer and high speed internet. Other than that there are no fees involved. You can check out more here about legitimate data entry work from home companies.

Work From Home Without Investment Jobs With Search Engines

These jobs basically provide search engines with feedback as far as the quality of search engine results. None of the companies have fees and only require a computer and high speed internet.

Work From Home Without Investment Jobs Tutoring or Teaching

These companies hire people to work from home tutoring or teaching online. They all require you to have your own computer and high speed internet but other than that there should be no fees involved.

If you didn’t find what you were looking for here, feel free to check out our work from home company directory  The majority of the companies on that list do not have fees but always check the company website first before applying as the hiring process for many of these companies changes frequently.  Do you know of places you can work from home without investment? Feel free to email me so I can add it to the list.





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