39 Incredible Remote Travel Jobs

remote travel jobs

39 Incredible Remote Travel Jobs

Do you have a love for travel that you enjoy sharing with others? If you are looking for a work from home career then one of these remote travel jobs might be the perfect fit for you.

remote travel jobs

There can be a lot of benefits to remote travel jobs besides sharing your love for travel. Many of these jobs offer flexible hours, commission pay, and travel perks. Check with each company to see what the specific requirements are to get hired, how many hours a week each position is, how flexible the hours are, and what types of benefits come with the position including travel perks.

There are many different ways you can work in the travel industry from home. Some of these are helping others plan their dream vacation or answering customer service type questions from customers that are traveling. Look through the options below and see if any of these remote travel jobs are the perfect fit for you.

Planning Disney Vacations

These positions are all through third part companies that are certified through Disney to plan Disney vacations. If you love all things Disney and want to create someone’s dream Disney vacation then these would be the perfect fit for you. The qualifications to be hired differ with each company as does the requirements for hours and the pay so you will need to check those specifics with each company.

Work as a Travel Agent

These companies are all known for hiring remote travel agents on a regular basis. The other option if you want to become a work from home travel agent is to start your own business booking travel from home. Usually the way you do that is by attaching yourself to a host company. The Travel Institute has a big list of them available here. Many travel agent positions are commission based so be sure to check out each company and know what to expect before applying.

Call Center Remote Travel Jobs

Virtual call center jobs are basically call centers where the agents work from home and the calls are routed to their home. Many of these companies use virtual call center agents to save money and you get to work remotely and help people book their travel and reservations.

Other Types of Remote Travel Jobs

Want to Travel the World AND Work a Remote Travel Job?

These jobs are more for those looking to travel and be a digital nomad. Obviously any of the jobs above you can do remotely and even while traveling if you would like as long as you have good internet. But these types of jobs below are for the digital nomad that definitely wants to be on the move.

  • Adventures By Disney Jobs– Travel as a digital nomad and work from wherever you are in the world leading Disney adventures. Disney Adventures is basically like a tour guide trip planned by Disney travel guides. Those that travel and lead these trips are the types of positions this jobs is for
  • Disney Cruise Line Work From Home Jobs– Work as a digital nomad traveling and working with the Disney cruise line. This may not be exactly a work from home position but if you are looking for more of the remote, digital nomad type job then working on the Disney Cruise Line is a great option.
  • Amazon Camperforce– Work at one of three Amazon distribution centers in the country that hire RV’ers to work manual labor around the busy holiday season.


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